Holy Christ. Is pretty much what I was thinking to myself while watching this movie. First off I was totally unaware of the cancer theme in it. So that was a bit of a shock. I mean mainly I was just watching it because of my newest infatuation with Christian haydenson. And boy oh boy did he fulfill my expectations. You know how watching star wars you�re like holy shit this is awful. Is he really that bad? And especially if you�ve seen him in that horrendous family drama, �higher ground� wherein he was the most whiny teenager I�ve ever had the misfortune of watching ( I say that now, but just wait till I have a teenager of my own. IF I have a teenager of my own. Ever.) ahem back to my point. Which was that in �life as a house� haydenson blew me out of the water. He was actually amazingly good! I was so impressed. And of course Kevin Kline and Kirsten Scott-Thomas were fantastic.

On the whole even though it was incredibly depressing and a little too close to home (well except my father didn�t try to build a house�.though there was that whole shed thing), a very very good movie, one which I would actually like to own.