Book ‘Em, a romantic mystery novel set in a quirky, fictional town on the Oregon coast and similar in tone to novels by Jennifer Crusie and Victoria Dahl, follows the misadventures of Charlotte “Charlie” Cypher, a bookstore owner and cheesecake maker as she inadvertently takes on the role of amateur sleuth along with her coterie of wacky friends including the sister duo of a fourth grade teacher and a self-professed mystic; Charlie’s life is further complicated by a sexy yard guest—an architect from Portland—camping out on her front lawn and inciting libido raising naughty thoughts.

It is available in paperback and e-book at Amazon for $7.49 and $1.99 respectively. Go here to order a copy today! You can also “like” me on FaceBook to follow my writing exploits. To experience the first chapter, click here.


“From the scenery to the characters, this book is told colorfully and vividly. You feel like you are in this small town and a part of the investigation. Plus, the sex scenes put Charlaine Harris to shame. Highly recommend for a light vacation read!” –Welkerbear, Amazon

“A well-written, light-hearted mystery/romance novel. The sex-deprived protagonist keeps everything interesting with her snarky observations…it’s kind of like if you took Claire Danes character from “My So Called Life,” dropped her in a quirky beach town, and added a murder and a handful of blush-worthy sex scenes. So yeah, pretty good. To quote Charlie: “It made my ovaries twinge.” And I don’t even have ovaries!” –Adam F., Amazon

“I never read a “romance novel” before Book ‘Em by Michele Gibney. It’s funny, fast-paced, an easy fun read. Recommended for young-at-heart women (or men who read romance novels) in search of a lighthearted romp.. I mean, story… Er you know.” –Ivan, GoodReads