hooo-boy! so today nuala and i were walking back from lunch and who were we walking behind? a guy that i wrote about once in this very diary! of course it’s been erased now. but it was the day we had the meeting outside and i was obsessed with donuts and uterus donuts and sex. yes. and this was the guy that had the pierced eyebrow and the dreadlocks. and was hot. and whoo…there he was in front of us shaking his booty in those sexy overalls. dirty sexy. sigh. i bet he’s married. bitch.

soo whoa whoa whoa. mmm bop! doo wop!

i saw so many movies this week and will now give a run down of them.

resident evil – milla johovich (sp?) = hot

sorority boys – bald head = hot

van wilder – van wilder = hot

y tu mama tambien – mexican boys on a road trip = hot

i think you see what i look for in a movie here.

well….today’s friday which is a beautiful thing. and i’m going to marine world this weekend to ride all the cool ass bitchin rides of fun and super sweetness. oh yes. so basically everythign is all right with the world. and i am one happy camper. who might even be camping soon. at the coachella festival which we are all going to. well most all of us down here. except for some loonies who have valid issues with not going (camping, money, large crowds having fun). who’s excited? i’m excited! yeah! it’s tricky to the rock around to the rock around to the roack around it’s tricky. yeah yeah it’s tricky!

and i’m audi.