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Doug and Lisa’s House


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Well, I have done a great service to the Cement Horizon community and have made a page with pictures of Doug’s new house in Eugene, OR for you all to go and look at. this was mainly based on the fact that some people were curious as to what it looked like (Jason and Marina) and I felt that potentially others might be curious too. I know I was curious and therefore raided Jacob’s computer to see the pictures and have now stolen them all for your viewing pleasure. (Sorry Jacob) But really I don’t think he’ll care since he kept offering to show them to people anyway.

To be honest I feel like I should talk about “how it makes me feel” to see pictures of my ex-boyfriend’s new house that he is buying with his fianc�e. How does it make me feel? Well…..none too shabby I spose. I mean…don’t get me wrong. it would be nice if I bought a house someday with my fianc�e/boyfriend whatever but I sure am glad I�m not doing it right now. And after we’d been going out for two years and I began to be very afraid of that kind of thing actually happening to ME, I admit that I ran away from that big of a commitment. admittedly my treatment then of him was not so good as we kind of stopped speaking and that still makes me kind of sad sometimes. Because Doug was/is super cool, and really funny, smart, and nice/sweet to me (even though I don’t think I ever saw a flower on any of the trite holidays or random romantic days.) I do have a pink dog with hearts on his feet though. Grin. But that is another story.

Anyway enough blather. I hope that Doug and Lisa will be really happy in their new house and have fun going to grad school in Eugene and all that jazz. And also I kind of hope they don’t ever read this page. Ever.

PS. Erica does not understand moral codes because she is a slut. FYI. Apparently.

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  1. nuala

    I feel betrayed. I’m the only one now with no professional looking website!!! I won’t give in. I’m keeping my over colorful tacky looking website. Damn you all!

  2. didofoot

    p.s. if you want to know how seeing photos of mr.doug the dougster’s house made ME feel, well I will tell you: hungry and a little sleepy.

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