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powerpuff sex symbols


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today in my online film class we were discussing the role of femme fatales in

film noir. and the teacher was asking some questions about female power and whether there were females in popular media today who were good “role models” and he asked,

“Taking Urs’ argument to modern media: Powerpuff Girls – three 5yo girls who are essentially adult females in child female bodies who fight crime and fly around and “stuff.” Are THEY good role models?”

and i said:

powerpuff girls are not good role models. all of the evil characters

are male and all of their “guardians” are male except for thier ineffectual teacher. the girls themselves therefore are still dominated by men. and they have no sexuality to speak of.

and he said:

Do you REALLY want to see sexualized 5yo girls? ppg.jpg

and i was like eek! dood that’s not what i meant! i was comparing with gilda and the lady from shanghai and how the femme fatales base their power in their sexuality and there’s no way to compare them with the aesexual powerpuff girls! sigh. i somehow always manage to stick my foot in my mouth in film class chat session.

anyway the point is, for all you bloggers out there, if you like powerpuff girls, go take this simple quiz. kristen and i were both buttercup.

this morning, one of my bosses was talking about how james brown was going to be playing at this fair in, (i think), vallejo, and i was all excited and said, “really? james brown?” and she said, “girl, you don’t know nothing about james brown. this is james brown we’re talking about. not one of the backstreet boys.” and i just kind of looked at her. and she was saying some line from one of his songs. (can’t remember which one.) and so i said, “get up offa that thing!” and they all laughed and laughed. fucking bosses who think i don’t got no soul. i am brim full of soul! i am a soul-sista!

but then later my boss jeanene asked me while i was copying things if i ever listened to “journey” cause she is going to see them. i was hard pressed not to fall over laughing at her. she is brill i swear. she’s also pregnant. and was talking about some heavy metal bands too. whoo. something else. and at the copier too.

p.s. possibly some of you have noticed, but my movie reviews page has also been converted to MT and is underneath the links on the right side of the page. it also has comments feature so you can make your own comments both on the movies/my reviews of them. thank you soo soo much to gene for setting that up for me. 🙂

p.p.s. a new webpage blog has joined us to fight the good fight against all things bad: fat-free wheat thins, drool, and miniture poodles. so everybody say, “hiiiiii katie….” and “happy mousing.”

15 Responses to powerpuff sex symbols

  1. didofoot

    your point was, they’re not good role models because 5yo girls CAN’T have sexuality, right? not that you WANTED them to. I got that. your teacher is wicked giovanni.

    I love you, and your brain with its smartness.

  2. nina

    hey , i took the test and i was bubbles!? anyway it was fun.

    but i didn’t get what u were saying , is being sexual is the only way to be a role model?

    and if not why are the powerpuff girls aren’t so?

    coz they’re not sexual coz they r 5yo?or is it because they r surrounded by men(even thier guardian)?

  3. Wendy

    Don’t know much about the Powerpuff Girls, but I took the test and came out Blossom…whatever that means. Guess that’s not bad for a 53 year old grandmother. Perhaps it takes time to become a Blossom.

  4. yas

    bubbles and blossem and my fan i like bubbels more

    and buttercup she col my brother likes her most 🙂


    and oh yea i was bubbles to when i toook the test

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