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although i am gloriously happy that it is friday, i am also bored, sleepy, irritable, and easily upset. grr i say to you readers. grrr. better watch out or i’ll bite your finger off.

what’s sad is that i really don’t have anything to say today. which is not so bad since no one had anything to say about my posting yesterday. turn around = fair play. mind you…i won’t let fair play stop me from babbling on for a while now.

on wed we played baseball and tracy hit me with the ball. ouchie. pain. it’s actually still not mutliple colors i am very sad. it’s all puffy of course and red, but where’s the black and the blue and maybe so later i could have some green and yellow? i am still hopeful that it will come around. anyway, even though i got injured (so what else is new?) it was still really fun and i was glad that tracy and ian came to play with us. cause new peeps are always good.

today i have a paper due! yes a paper. not much of a paper since it’s restricted to being 3 pages in length. but still a paper. i wrote it last night between 10 and 11. it is incredibly shitty. i am so disappointed in myself. kristen just reviewed it for me and thinks it’s good irregardless of the fact that it presents a point different from what gene says. that’s amazing. i am a golden god! rlr

in this class on computer ergonomics earlier this week i learned that one of the ways of preventing carpal tunnel and tendonitis is to practice using the mouse with your less dominant hand. a fascinating idea that i really have yet to put into practice. mostly probably because i already have tendonitis and seem to feel it is a lost cause.

i’m doing the AidsWalk on Sunday and if you would like to sponsor me you still have a chance to do so. Click on this and it will take you to my webpage where you can use a credit card to make a donation.

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  1. Nuala

    You can also sponsor me who only has a piddly $10 to my sponsered walk. Well there’s another $20 from Kristen coming and maybe another $20 from mom but you want to sponser me more than Michele right? hee hee anyways you can go to michele’s link and then click on sponsor a walker on the left hand side and put in Nuala Mansard and then you’ll be at my page and you can support both of us! Look at you giving us your money.

  2. michele

    none of these stingy-ass bastards are going to give us their money, hon.

    sigh. i suppose my hefty $150 will just have to see me thru.

    grin. i campaigned in the face of greed!

    i still feel like i should have tried getting work people to support me. ah well. too late now.

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