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seriously you shouldn’t ask for these things.


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pictures from my father’s funeral. (if i am in the picture i am working on my tan. if there is a small blond child in the picture his name is vaden.)




some things never change, ie me and chocolate never develop a disliking for one another.

ha! dood i should find the picture now of me burning barbies in an oil slick puddle…

my brother taught me all kinds of things…

about frogs… about coming in second place… about sitting pretty for the camera, (why the fuck does it look like he’s wearing make-up?)

fashion choices: the early years:

one of the ill-fitting perms. but would you look at that outfit? holy shit. i love it i love it.

this was my absolute favorite fucking dress.

once my dad hit me in the face with a 2X4 when my mom had gone away for a week and he was in chage. she was so not pleased when she came back. (don’t go thinking he was purposely beating this small child that was me. it was actually an accident.)

original house pictures. these are far more cool if you’ve been to my house and know what it looks like now. try to ignore the bandage over my brother’s eye. he had surgery. he was a fucking pirate for like a year.

exterior of the house.

family room


series of wet images. what were my parents thinking? that if they just kept my brother and i wet thru our entire childhoods we would stay out of bigger troubles? it kind of explains my whole predilection for water though i guess.





last picture. =P

my mom.

14 Responses to seriously you shouldn’t ask for these things.

  1. didofoot

    you all are the cutest things ever. the CUTEST THINGS EVER.

    you did nice work on that house. except the screen door. you fucked that shit all to hell.

    keep kids off the streets! hose them down repeatedly!

  2. michele

    ah she did a little! only hotter… (or at least a bigger chest, not as tall though maybe.)

    and tracy, funny story. once on the slip and slide my brother hurtled across it and slammed into a wooden railing and got chunks of wood stuck in his leg. although i don’t think he actually broke it. he broke it another time though. and once i saw a piece of his ankle bone come out when he cracked it on our playground that my dad built in the backyard. leg injury accident prone that boy.

  3. didofoot

    ew, that story is gross.

    how were you so BLOND? are you sure this isn’t some other family whose pictures you’ve substituted for your own in order to have a good laugh at us?

  4. susan_duis

    are you talking about ME? susan duis as in living in tacoma went to UPS susan duis?

    if so. i got drunk and tried to look up a friend w/ google, and of course started looking up myself. so if this is me you’re referring to … let me kno.

  5. *embarassed* susan_duis

    ohmigod. posted. thought. searched more. found link to actual forum and actual photo.

    hi michelle … jacob … erica … every … one …

    so hi, regardless. nice to know you remembered me in november, i guess. and that i remind you of your mom.

    i guess i’m still a bit tipsy or i’d write more. freaking out over making a possible ass of myself helped sober me up a bit, but not enough to make me feel ok about ranting.

    email me if’n you like. i’m back in tacoma, useless english degree in hand, working at PLU! living large, even.

    miss and love you all,

    susan “the one & only” duis.

  6. Jacob

    Susan! Duis! Long time no see! You should come to California! Exclamation points are the newest fad down here! They’re the new black! What’s new in Tacoma!

  7. Susan

    well hi there jacob. i don’t know how to navigate this page well yet but just finished scrolling about and skimming. i see you have a blogtastic site of your own. is that what cool kids in SF do these days? write blogs with !exclamation points! everwhere?!!

    heh. well, it’s good to run into you guys in this random fashion. one of you should shoot me a brief rundown of events/who’s still there/what you’re doing. i’m just working, hanging out w/ folks, etc. i would love to visit california again … when money and time permit i will make a run for it.

    well … may the randomness continue. *salute*


  8. michele

    jason do you realize that you’re posting under erica’s name?

    hi susan! holy crap this is bizarre! but fantastic. =) we’re going to be in tacoma this weekend, maybe we can see you! i will email you though.

  9. erica

    jason, you’re posting as me all around town! get it together, fool!

    p.s. hi from me too, for real this time!

    -erica “the one and only except for when jason is also me” dobney

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