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We have no bras, so bring bras. I don’t care how liberated you are. -jason


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san diego was fucking sweet, y’all. i had such a good time just going somewhere other than here and seeing people other than you. not to be rude or anything.

anyway, i went out to lunch to ONAMI tastiness with jenny and jesse on saturday. fucking little cakes all you can eat, man. shiver me timbers it’s like the best thing ever. plus the incredibly thoughtful boyfriend of jenny gave me a present. i almost like him more than her now. she didn’t even vacuum the couch. and she always vacuums the couch when i come to visit. i was severely disappointed in her. but more importantly i was impressed by getting a present. and the fact that it’s my alltime favorite incense (amber) was a bit of a coincidental surprise.

i went to the movie with marina which was incredibly good. drunken neighbor boy et all. i’ll write about it on sushi MR in a minute. (done. check.) and then i watched her make kahlua truffle souffle caramel sauce things for mark’s birthday. (which is today. happy birthday, mark!) and we dyed our hair. of course. hers=very red. mine=highlights blonde and reddish-purple. egyptian plum you see. i wonder if there really are egyptian plums or if they’re just figs? ((answered that question.) i want to go to egypt. if i joined the army i bet i could go when we invade them next. fuckers.

and then i flew home and went and saw JRM REALLY BIG in bend it like beckham with kristen. which again made me want to watch gormenghast just to drool over his sullen beauty. and i made eyeballs at the cute film boy who sells the tickets to me when i go to the dome. he seemed happy to see me. i’ve been composing our future together in my head now for a couple of hours. maybe when jason lets me read some of his book it will inspire me to write a YA book based on my future with indie film boy. but honestly the way we all inspire each other and how it inevitably ends in failure will probably mean that i’ll just sleep a lot and take bubble baths at jason’s. i mean, i’m getting my own floor, my own bathroom, and my own access to lots of gay male porn of his uncle’s starting tomorrow night. hell yeah, baby.

bra liberation time.

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  1. didofoot

    it’s amazing how i didn’t notice your hair at all, even though i was pre-warned you would be changing it. I would feel bad about that if you hadn’t just said you were sick of hanging out with me. NOW who’s the bad friend? ps, you.

  2. michele

    ha! i love you! and i did not say that. i said it was nice to do something different. as if you haven’t said the same.

    (the hair doesn’t look different enough to notice.)

    the other thing i forgot to write about in this post is how much i hate planes. and how kristen and i got to see my brother’s freshly color inked leg. holy crap. it’s like a color explosion. plus new ink is fascinatingly different from black ink. he still has like 5 hours left and then it will be done.

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