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cute ushers


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drew: i should have known you, the white girl, would end up going for the white boy.

me: well, what do you expect? he’s so beautiful he makes my toes drool.


me: on reflection that doesn’t sound so appealing out loud. and he’s standing behind me isn’t he?

drew: yeah.

cute usher bends over and kisses the side of my neck below the ear.

me: if you…(shudder in deep breath)…if you ration that out as a reward, i’ll be really good.

cute usher: how are your toes doing?

me: soggy, but incredibly happy.

cute usher: well then, i don’t know if i’ll be able to control my kissing sprees.

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  1. jason

    This happened, right? Tell me this happened. This wasn’t just a dream.

    Shit, I just consulted my dream symbology book–being kissed by a cute usher means that you will either marry a sugar daddy, or you will be brutally killed by two Jews with a pack of angry bees (jujubees).

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