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a non-katherine heigl isabelle


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on our trip to monterey, erica and i discovered that we were both harboring a secret desire for lingerie. “garter belts,” we shrieked at each other in glee, “i must have one!”

for me this desire was brought on by 1) recently reading Micah, the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book about Anita Blake (vampire executioner and necromancer), and 2) wearing thigh high panty hose to an interview and wishing i had something sexy to hold them up with. this interview, mind, was on a high school campus which basically meant that i was shivering with ill-disguised desire the entire time. just think about how much more involved my fantasy life could be if i was wearing a garter belt.

i don’t know why erica wants one. hopefully her fantasy life does not involve her kindergarteners.

today we went to a boutique in berkeley where isabelle, a crazy accented foreigner, determined erica’s bra size and pushed her breasts around. i hid in a corner trying in vain to cling to the garter belt fantasy, which was hard in the face of the possibility of a stranger touching my chest.

but this is the age of the internet, not aquarius. and i will get a garter belt, i will, i will.

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  1. didofoot

    i don’t understand how reading micah could make you want to do anything except stop reading micah. SO BAD. (but so good!) especially anything remotely sexy. lkhamilton has unsexy sex down to a fine art now.

  2. michele

    well, but there was this whole bit on garter belts and how jean claude had trained her to wear the underwear on the outside. on the inside is for looks and photos like those on the website where they’re selling them, but the way to actually wear a garter belt is to put the underwear on last so it’s the first thing to come off.

  3. nuala

    I have got to get that book. I totally forgot about it. I have to read the badness. I love the badness. Kristen I’ve been reading Jamie and Claire. It’s not as good as the earlier ones but it’s still good…in case you were wondering…I mean it’s Jamie

  4. nuala

    Honestly I wasn’t even able to find the book in the bookstore in hardback here even though it was EVERYWHERE in NZ. I got it from the library. I’m sure by the time you get back you should be able to get the paperback.

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