by far the best movie of the international film festival that i’ve seen.

plot: a violent neo-nazi ex-con gets sent to a church for some rehabilitation time after serving time in jail. the church priest is demented and has a brain tumor which he should be dead from. also at the church are 2 other ex-cons: one who kidnapped and raped women and one who steals regularly from the statoil gas stations. the story follows adam, the neo-nazi, as he attempts to fulfill his rehabilitation project–baking an apple pie from the apples in the tree by the church. this is made difficult by 1) his generally violent behavior, 2) some old testament plagues, and 3) his ex-employers coming around and shooting people.

likes: the humor, the innovative story, the backstories, and the character development. really those last two go along with the second one.

dislikes: the cat gets shot. really, really violent movie. much more so than i was ever expecting.

conclusion: maybe i need to see more european films at this festival and less asian films.