while i was in oregon a couple weeks ago, i discovered pooh in animal costume key chains. it was a delightful day in the grocery store that tuesday. i said to myself, i will collect all 6! i will never be pooh-less again! the latter i liked to throw in as a shout out to my hatred of maureen o’hara. pooh in a jellyfish, i feel, is much more beneficial to the human race than planting some rows of carrots. or whatever her ribless waistline would allow her to eat.

yesterday in chinatown i discovered an overabundance of pooh dispensers. just hanging out on the street even. they were free and unfettered by society’s rules, they just didn’t give a damn!

and what’s more, being san francisco and thus a much more cosmopolitan metropolis than gold beach, they had more than just the pooh in sea world costumes. they had baby animals AND original animals. so you had a range of bush baby pooh to chameleon pooh. i cursed my lack of 4 quarters, not realizing for a solid 45 minutes that i had 2 quarters in my freaking pocket. jason kindly lent me 1 and i scrounged one from my mom. OG animal pooh was to be mine!

i whirled that little dial around fast as lightening and jumped up and down a little on the spot in impatience and barely repressed glee. pooh! pooh! pooh! out came the globular plastic case and with it all my hopes and dreams! pooh! pooh! which was it to be? flamingo pooh? dragonfly pooh? IT WAS BABOON POOH! OH HAPPY DAY!!

pictures from yuba river are here.