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warmonger of fluff


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for someone who was cut open today to remove all possibilities of motherhood, my new kitten is remarkably active.

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  1. michele

    no one got tricked. mom is already trying to steal her from me. seriously, she’s got a gleam in her eye and a kitten stealing song in her heart.

    her name is totally warmonger of fluff! but moggy for short. or the mog. or (sigh, the cliche) fuzzball.

  2. Dianna

    Every cat, everywhere, has at some point been called fuzzball. Or possibly fuzzbucket, which is my preferred version.

    She’s definitely the cutest warmonger of any kind that I can recall seeing.

  3. michele

    mong doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as mog. also, mog (or moggy) is slang in england (cockney) for a cat.

    maybe if i added -oloid to mong. i could get behind that.

    i like fuzzbutt, dianna. but fuzzbucket is good too. 🙂

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