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do i even have any lurkers?


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it’s cementhorizon’s 5th birthday this month! which means that it’s pretty much nyataimori’s 5th birthday too. and it’s certainly my actual 28th birthday (not that we’re celebrating that). let’s not mention it again. fucking 2 years till 30.


WHEN: Saturday, February 24, starting 8pm

WHERE: the Castro, San Francisco. RSVP to rsvp@cementhorizon.com for the exact address.

what there will not be:

– food

– drinks

what there will be:

– A CH birthday cake (thus negating that no food thing above. there’s not going to be any other food though. don’t get ideas above your station.)

– A new, improved photo booth

– A chocolate fountain (which may or may not remain hygenic) from I Fought the Law

– Superstar bloggers wandering the party signing autographs

– CH-themed jello shots provided by me (thus negating that no drink thing above. this doesn’t apparently count though because of the jiggly wiggly.)

2 Responses to do i even have any lurkers?

  1. michele

    well, luckily for me your Fed spying business keeps you occupied on the east coast while this raging party is on the west coast. no spies here! oh man, it would be so awesome if you sent a hot spy to the party to keep an eye on me. i’ve been watching too much ‘alias’.

    p.s. christmas in ireland?!?! you lucky dog.

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