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sushi wa daisuki desu-YO!


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it looks as if my invitation to fight did not actually drum up interest in the CH birthday party. it did lose me kim as a friend though. in hopes of rectifying my banning from sushi zone, i’ve taken some photos.

my brother gave me a plastic model sushi set (since he knows how much i really love sushi) and kim, here’s puppy eye begging at you, kid. look how sad i am eating only rice! let me have some delicious raw salmon!

in one final, (truthful), attempt to gain party-goers, i also present you with a photo of my brilliant (and disgusting) CH-themed jell-O shots. i tried one of the pink ones and almost puked. though i could see the alcohol fumes wafting out of my mouth. i might be drunk. all right, i’m not drunk. but if i ate like…4, i might be tipsy. the yellow ones do smell worse, but maybe they taste better. here’s hoping.

so come celebrate the 5th birthday of cementhorizon. rsvp at cementhorizon.com for the address if you don’t have it already. 8pm tonight.

and no punching!

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  1. James

    I know that it is probably too late, but here a jello shots recipe that I found.

    Jello Shots

    6 ounces Jello (large package)

    16 ounces Water (boiling)

    6 ounces Water (cold)

    10 ounces Vodka

    Mix the jello mix with the boiling water until the powder is fully dissolved and add the cold water and alcohol. Pour the cooling mixture into either shot glasses or paper cups. Shot glasses are more attractive, but drinker can turn the paper cups inside-out to more easily eat the alcoholic jello.

    Drink contributed by DrinkStreet Professionals.

    The Art & Science of the Jello Shot

    You can make jello shots with almost any type of alcohol, but you should adjust the proportions of alcohol and cold water to ensure that the shot still sets. The higher the proof of the alcohol, the more water that is required for it to set.

    Proof Alcohol Cold Water

    30-50 13 ounces 3 ounces

    80-100 10 ounces 6 ounces

    150-200 6 ounces 10 ounces

    1 cup = 8 ounces

    Jello shots can be served in shot glasses, and can be virtually any color. Many, though, prefer jello shots in paper cups which can be turned inside out to free the jello from the cup. If you do serve jello shots in shot glasses, be sure to also provide knives, toothpicks, or some other mechanism to free the shot from the glass. Alternatively, warming the glass will cause the jello shot to slide free which can be accomplished by steeping them in warm water for less than a minute.

    If you are planning a jello shot party, consider diluting your shots with more cold water and less alcohol. Since the alcohol is contained within the jello, it is absorbed more slowly and even experienced drinkers will often underestimate how much they have had to drink. They will also be less expensive, can be more often enjoyed, and your party will last longer.

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