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I am Legend


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i’d suggest not reading this if you want to see the movie and don’t want anything spoiled for your viewing pleasure.

it’s a sad day when you go into a movie expecting will smith to be his normal sci-fi film snarky self and instead get a slightly crazy, wholly unfunny smith. in the grand tradition that started with independence day and came through in wild wild west, men in black, and i, robot, i EXPECT will smith to be sarcastic while kicking ass and taking alien/robot names. i do NOT expect him to pant in terror, talk to mannequins like a crazy person, and kill his dog. the will smith i know would have found a cure before snapping the dog’s neck. this is just depressing.

also depressing was the inclusion of emma thompson as the originator of the disease. i do not like her to be the destruction of the human race.

the infected people were pretty fucking scary. they did the whole open-the-mouth-downwards-really-wide-roar thing that the mummy in the mummy did (a movie which i, admittedly, love because there’s an ass-kicking, name-taking, sarcasm-making male lead). annoyingly smith did not seem to catalog on his stupid streaming video camera that the infected HAD redeveloped human-like cognitive behavior in their creation of an alpha-male general character who set up booby traps and attacked smith’s dog with slavering infected dogs. but luckily god and butterflies come to him and he found the cure at the end in time to give it to the completely unrealistic duo that just saved him from a suicide run. you know what i enjoyed? how the infected found his house and he blew up washington square.

basically this movie started with chasing deer through the middle of new york’s devastation and i had to cover my eyes for THAT at the thunks the deer made as they ran into things. it didn’t get any better from there. stupid hank at the video store, stupid will smith crying to a mannequin, stupid flashbacks, stupid god/butterfly theme, stupid depressing/terrifying movie. and the ending, oh god(butterfly), seriously? voice over? VOICE OVER? not ok.

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  1. sean

    How could something as unique and rare as a butterfly tattoo on a woman NOT be a sign of the existence of God? Come on, Michele.

    I believe that whenever he casts one of his children to play his child, the director is contractually obligated to have another character in the film comment on how beautiful said child is.

  2. jawbrkr

    Man, you folks seriously need to calm down. The problem here is you expect too much of one thing. You’ve seen will smith play certain roles so to you that’s all he has the talent for and that is why you didn’t enjoy the movie. I loved this movie and must admit it took me watching it a few times to understand it. There are so many ways to interpret the events in this movie. Perhaps that is what the director and producer wants. You can’t simply watch movies for the ass kicking and stuff blowing up. You actually have to pay attention to what you are watching and hearing.

  3. Dianna

    I don’t think so. I found out about it from one of my Berkeley friends, and the dude who draws it lives on the East Coast somewhere. Perhaps it was just coincidental dorkiness?

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