a couple weeks ago i wrote the author of how to talk to a widower in order to rave about his book. here is my email to him:

Dear Mr. Tropper,

I don’t read a lot of literature. This is because I find most of it to be overly similar and repetitive. I prefer YA fiction—especially fantasy since (I think) it shows the most innovation in writing. However, I was recently house-sitting at someone’s residence and picked up How to Talk to a Widower. This was the same house at which I read The Book of Joe several years prior on a separate house-sitting gig (house-sitting and purloining reading material during the stint apparently go hand-in-hand for me). The point is that I remembered really liking The Book of Joe lo those many months before, and was delighted to try another one of your novels. Upon finishing How to Talk to a Widower all I could express was flabbergasted wonder at how amazing it was. Seriously. I raved about your book to anyone who would listen. You made me remember how enjoyable good literature could be and gave me the chance to talk about something a little more respectable than the vampiric teenage angst in my latest YA read. For writing such a marvelous book, I thank you a million times over and congratulate you on all your success. I’m not going to forget about you for years again now but will immediately go out and read your other two novels and look forward to the next one with barely tempered glee.




this was unusual for me cause writing to celebrities is not a common occurrence in my life. but i really fucking loved that book. anyway, he wrote me back yesterday! and sure, it’s short and succinct, but still–delightful! friends with famous people!

Hi Michele. Thanks for the nice note. So glad you found me again.