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a wish is a dream your heart makes


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i am looking at applying to a job in lawrenceville, NJ and checking google maps i see it is next to a town called PRINCESSville.

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saints be praised. how on earth did the town achieve such fabulous nomenclature? curiosity leads me to wikipedia. where, sadly, nothing exists. though i do discover a PRINCEville in north carolina.

i think princessville might only have 3 streets. but every one of them is bursting with princesses.

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  1. michele

    well i applied. we shall see. in several months when they decide to send me a rejection letter. “not princess material,” it will say, “try loserville. you will never make it past the kitchen girl stage. enjoy your singing rats and we wish you the best of luck picking all the peas out of the soot.”

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