After a completely delightful break of dinner, fro-yo, swings, and movie (Cartman voice, “Super sweet.”) I am back. I can do maybe one more catch-up month. You people are too much with the whipping! Task masters! Argh!


Books Read: 13 (+2 unfinished)

Books Bought: 0

Books from Library: 16

Books Loaned/Given: 6

Money spent: $0 Can I hear it again, Cartman? SUPER SWEET. I must celebrate all these little victories, people. Do you not remember that entry only a couple months back where I spent $50 on one book and then didn’t even attend the online discussion of it? I am a slacker!

Favorite Book: Huh. Well… I’m gonna go with The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan, Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce, and (though it pains me because I equally hated it) Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel.

Let’s briefly discuss these.

Demon one–clever pseudo-twist. Awesome narrator.

Flora Segunda–damn fine! The sequel was also good. And I liked it for how I randomly picked it out at the library primarily because of the cover and title. I like when that kind of leap of faith works out for me. So often it goes very, very bad.

B&V. Dammit. Spoiler.


My problem with this was, yes, I do not deny it, the thing with the narrator’s cat and dog. YEAH. OK. FUCK THAT SHIT. The cat DIES. HORRIBLY. THIS IS UPSETTING TO ME. I can’t believe I kept reading it. I also don’t want no lip from you people about how this is what was most upsetting to me and not the whole Nazi war criminal psychopath thing. Because that was also upsetting, all right. But the cat gets MAULED. HATED it. But the whole play thing and the conceit of trying to write indirectly about the Holocaust and making art? That was good. And the writing was amazing. EXCEPT FOR THE CAT THING, YOU TOTAL ASS-FUCK.

*******************END SPOILER******************

You know what? I think I want to take back my recommendation for that book. It’s got me all upset again just thinking about it. But that’s what good lit should do! So annoying!

Least Favorite Books: I read several bad romance novels this month. The worst (which I didn’t even finish; it was so bad) was Her Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase. You know what she wasn’t? Yeah. Scandalous. Misdirection! OK, honestly I don’t even remember what the plot was, let alone if she was saucy. But I’m guessing not. Also bad was The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie. Never trust a Kirsten. I always forget that rule. Also anyone who spells Boy that way. Just wrong.