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Su Casa Es Mi Casa


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The thing is that I’ve been house-sitting so much that I’ve kind of reached the point where I enter someone else’s home and just make myself completely at ease immediately. Case in point, I stayed with Marina in San Diego when I was there last week. I arrived around 7pm on a Thursday and Marina was still at work. She’d left me a key and so I busted in to the beach shack, dragging in my suitcase (packed with like 10 dresses for a fashion show), a box full of 8 pairs of shoes, misc grocery bags full of stuff, my laptop case, my mini cooler, my leftover McDonald’s food, and my purse. I was loaded down, people. Having strewn things all over the house, I took a shower. Yes. I took a shower in a house I had just broken in to. And then I went through all the kitchen cupboards and drawers until I found a bottle opener and a dish to microwave broccoli in.

Yes. I brought my own broccoli. A new CSA box had just come! Shut up.

Also my own wine–six bottles. By the time Marina came home, I was on the couch watching “So You Think You Can Dance”, with broccoli and Chicken Nuggets in front of me, wet hair, painting my toenails on her table, and slightly drunk.

It was awesome. You should have seen her face. Also you should have seen the super shitty job I did on my nails. Don’t paint toenails drunk after driving for 9 hours when everything is still vaguely vibrating.

A few days later she took me shopping to this awesome mall by her house which rents out space to crafty people and has 101 different mini little section/stores in it. I spent way too much money. I wanted to spend so much more. There were so many fabulous things!

Like hats.

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  1. marinadgreen

    my face was not that bad. i would say at worst i was bemused. my shock was reserved for the amount of crap you brought. 🙂

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