Shadow Run happened again. The second day had some excellent goings on. Let me tell you about them. We learned a lot of stuff about the ant/men. I learned it all really fast and summarized it for the others (after finding a notebook in the game) causing Jacob to almost cry because he spent a week (or something) trying to make the notebook super complicated and I figured it all out in about 5 minutes. We negotiated with the Queen of the ant/people. We went after Lorenzo. We ran into trouble.

But first things first. A giant spider climbed on to my face! I hate spiders and so, by extension, did my character. It pretty much immobilized me.

Game Master Jacob: It’s hairy and all up in your grille.


Scott (Adam): Should I shoot it up? I’ve got sharp-shooter skills.


Eventually Alfred (Aaron) did some spell which made it suck in on itself like a black hole. I’m glad I was so terrified by the spider that I didn’t notice this was happening because what if he had sucked my face into a black hole? Event Horizon FACE, they would call me from then on.

Blowing shit up became a popular sport the second (as well as third day) and also a running joke. This is how it started:

Game Master: Do you have any demolitions skills?

Rusty (Gene): No.

And then he attempted to blow shit up anyway. The amazing thing is that we threw grenades and TNT bombs (which we had just made) successfully EVERY TIME.

Awesome side note to this:

Smokey (Ivan): Who brought a flashlight?

Scott: I brought flash grenades.

Yeah. ….Yeah. Event Horizon FACE! Also: NO ONE BROUGHT A FLASHLIGHT.

These two comments are not related in any way, and yet somehow they happened simultaneously:

Alfred: ‘What ho, fair maiden’, but in modern parlance

(which makes sense I guess, though I’m not sure what maiden he was talking to)

Scott: Bye bot!

(which I can only assume was directed at Gene’s tiny spy camera on legs as it wandered off in the wrong direction.)

Why? I don’t know. But excellent juxtaposition.

Smoky: I say we go there and see what it tastes like. I mean: Science.

Indeed, Smoky. Indeed. I really should have written these up early because I have no idea what we were committing ourselves to scientifically anymore. But I bet we did it. And threw a home-made TNT bomb at it with some sticks we got off the back of a truck.

Smoky: What, I just started running down a dark hallway; you need an intelligence test?

Smoky? Very funny. Also, we ran down that hallway in pitch darkness. I considered lighting some TNT to improve visibility but I was carrying three stunned wimps already and then I tripped.

We’re offered a trade for one Lorenzo with another Lorenzo. Lorenzo was a thing. Our quest, if you will, was Lorenzo.

Alfred: It best be a better Lorenzo.

Rusty: It’s like the Eucharist contract, but not quite.

I wish it had been. I wish we’d gotten some wafers and bad wine instead of losing my good handcuffs.

We found an ant-lion guarding the real Lorenzo (not the bread and wine one–who never actually existed. Coincidence? I’m not casting aspersions.)

Rusty: It’s butt is a plug. A butt plug.

Game Master’s (Event Horizon) Face: *semi-appalled*

It’s like we know science from licking it. I would know a butt plug if I licked it. I would also know a Christ wafer if I licked it. Q.E.D. Science.

Scott: I think I forgot my rocket launcher on the roof.

And he had. We never saw it again.

End of Day 2.