Once upon a time (last summer) I bought a peach tree and planted it in the front yard.

Look how tiny it was once upon a time!

I watered it and fed it and picked off all its leaves when it got peach leaf curl. And eventually it grew taller than me!

And then it started growing peaches.

Now, all of a sudden, long before I was expecting it, those peaches are ripe. One fell off the tree this morning so I thought I would try eating it (because, yes, I normally just pick food up off the ground and put it in my mouth. I washed it first. With the hose.) It was perfect. And so were all of these.

Princess Beef is sad that she’s not allowed to eat any. I’ll rub the soft, fuzzy skin on her face so she’s doubly jealous. Someday, PB. Maybe next year.

There’s even still some on the tree that didn’t seem quite as ripe. Oh peach bounty, you have graced me.