Here I am past all the books sales, second month with a job and the month of NaNo is almost upon me (during which I have what is known as A Very Poor Showing).

I don’t remember what else was happening in October really…

Oh. A trip to Napa with the gang, pictures here. Thanks Flickr!

Also a cat-themed Finer Things Club meeting.

Cat Ladies

Books Read: 17
Books Re-read: 0
Books Unfinished: 4
Books Borrowed: 14
Books Bought: 39 (Apparently there was an Alameda Library Book sale I forgot about when starting this post)
Books Given: 0
Money Spent: $79 (I bought more than just the library ones)

Favorite Books: Esther Averill’s Jenny books, faves of which were The School for Cats and Jenny Goes To Sea. Also I liked The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

The cat books were all delightful, except maybe Captains of the City Streets because you know how I feel about domesticated animals living on the streets. We were reading these for FT this month and I got a lot from the library. If you’ll recall I wrote about the re-reading of the compilation book here after buying it at a book sale in 2011.

I also read The Haunting of Hill House for a book club–this one at work, where, yes, we have a book club because we’re nerds. A call was put out at the beginning of October for creepy books to read and I suggested Hill House because I wanted to read it. I’m glad it was chosen and that I finally got to read it because it’s awesome, but it was also nerve-wracking being the person who recommended a book. It’s about, as you might have guessed (or know already if you’re Kris), a haunted house and some people who come to document and experience its paranormal effects. It’s well written and evocatively creepy. Though I did kind of still wish for even more story.

Least Favorite Books: Arcana Chronicles Book 1: Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (guys, it’s about the Tarot deck. It’s so bad), and a bunch of poorly written YA romance and adult romances. Bleh.