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Yesterday at work we discussed and went to the dollar store for supplies to create this:

Don't let the awesome overwhelm you all at once.

Don’t let the awesome overwhelm you all at once.

Here is my team’s discussion on the topic:

Alison: hello. does 1 work for you guys? I want to avoid the brats

Michele: oh hello. yes.

Danielle: totally

Allen: one’ll do

Kelsey: Yeah, that works

Alison: ok excellent

Allen: Can I bring along my ham sandwich?

Alison: no

Danielle: also, when you say “brats,” i think this:

Alison: I would never avoid those kinda brats

Michele: MEAT

Kelsey: man, now I’m hungry

Danielle: i also would not advise doing a google image search for bratwursts so close to lunch

Allen: I’m gonna need a long lunch it looks like, to eat my ham sandwich at another point in time

Michele: omg kelsey, allen and i just looked at menus again yesterday. why are we so dumb?

Kelsey: What menu!? we need to eat at all the places

Michele: what menu was it, allen?


Michele: i was looking at the taco tuesday menu at the lake chalet yesterday too. we should all go there. oh god right yes the indian mexican restaurant. Thank you allen

Danielle: oh wow!

Kelsey: this is too far for a lunch break

Danielle: indian mexican!

Kelsey: so i shouldn’t look

Michele: dammit pumpkin burrito and mango rose lassi ravioli sauce! i want to eat you.

Kelsey: WHAT

Danielle: holy crap! that is a super holy union. if ever there was one

Kelsey: i want to eat your cheesecake. the whole thing. dibbs

Michele: back off the cheesecake, kels

Kelsey: oooooooo. haha NO.


Allen: remember when this conversation was about Brian’s graduation. And then Danielle sent a picture of brats? I love our team!

Alison: yes regroup guys

Michele: 1pm! desk scatter! i am excited!

Danielle: woo!!

Alison: I am trying to justify turning this into a work meeting

Kelsey: oh god more desk scatter

Danielle: well, we could talk about…. all of the new responsibilities we will give brian when he has an official B.A.

Kelsey: well now you definitely can’t bring your sandwich allen, this is all business

Allen: NOOOOOO!!!

Not only is the Dinosaur wearing a hat, so is the framed photo of Alan Alda (I don't know why he has a framed photo of Alan Alda, no.)

Not only is the Dinosaur wearing a hat, so is the framed photo of Alan Alda (I don’t know why he has a framed photo of Alan Alda, no.)

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