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The Fuzz and the Glory

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So my weekend was pretty exciting. First, I went to Kris’s house and disrobed in the living room and scandalized her with my bra. Second I wore a slip to an Easter brunch. This weekend was kind of about nudity. And our Lord. Mostly nudity and wine though.

The sad thing about the Bollywood dinner/movie event is that most of the photos are hella fuzzy. This is annoying. But they are also sooo hilarious, that I couldn’t bring myself to delete many of them.

It went from demure

to not demure

so quickly.

There was dancing

and weird posing

and more nudity

Basically what I took away from this event is

1. Imran Khan is hot, adorable, fabulous, and wets Katy’s panties.

2. Nudity is maybe ok?

3. Saris are awesome.

4. No, nudity is not ok.

Sub-clause: Nudity is totally OK if it’s Imran Khan’s.

There are more pictures here. There are also videos of creepy ear stroking but they are super dark and also not online at the moment.

And THEN, I went to an Easter Extravaganza today at Adam and Christine’s where there were 5 bottles of sweet bubbly to go with the incredible crepe brunch and then Easter basket hunting with scavenger clues and then more food and about 11 (?) bottles of white wine to try. And more food. And cupcakes. Christine kind of outdid herself with the cooking and Adam outdid himself with the wine. The weather mostly cooperated and I met the neighborhood cat. It was all in all excellent.

The wine tasting spread:

The beautiful day that it was:

The prettiness of my Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire slip and the cuteness which is Jax:

More pictures of Easter celebrations here.


Catch up with pictures

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It’s been a while since I posted. This is not because I’ve been doing nothing, oh no, quite the contrary. I have been busy busy. There was baking a wedding cake; going to Nuala and Garren’s Engagement Party; the Legion of Honor with Ellie; a Finer Things Club meeting; Nuala and Garren’s Wedding; playing at the park with Ellie, Lucas, and Tyler; mmmm….and probably some other stuff for which I don’t have photographic proof.

Here in a mish-mash jumble is some of my fave moments from all the above activities. Click on any picture for more from the same event.

make sure you read on page 6 of the engagement bash photos about the saga of the bug and how garren is the resurrection. genius. it starts with this photo.