I’ve been sick and in moderate to severe amounts of pain for over a month now. I even went to the doctor–which, let me tell you is a big move for me. I hate the doctor. And I’ve now been to 3 different doctors 5 separate times and still have 1 more to go to next week. For a while I was convinced I had something fatal (as i have an over-active imagination and was really in a lot of pain). But the doctor now thinks I have diverticulitis (which, admittedly, CAN be fatal. But generally only if it ruptures. Which hasn’t happened.) And now I’m on two types of antibiotics and will then theoretically be better. Except I just read a website which says diverticulitis is recurring. Soooo, that’s upsetting.

The doctor is testing me for all sorts of things now too in order to find out what caused the diverticulitis. Since it can be caused by different things. Or really it can be caused by nothing other than stress and developed nation’s food. But some common causes are food allergies, intestinal parasites, and, apparently, gall stones (I’m not sure how that last one fits in).

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been the last month. Lying on my couch in pain with heating pads and taking up to 9 Advil a day. I read a lot of books (46) and watched a lot of TV in September (4 seasons of Psych, 3 seasons of Roswell). I skipped a lot of social gatherings (though I did make Katy’s wedding and my brother’s birthday. I was a severe lack of fun at both of these events. Particularly the birthday one since my period had started that day too and I was torn between crying and screaming the whole evening.) Fingers crossed this antibiotic regimen does the trick and I am back to Fun, Healthy Michele soon.