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Obviously. Duh.


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My cousin John called this morning to say he was done making my bow and would mail it this week. I was then telling my mom about it.

Me: So I’m going to need some kind of target for the backyard.

Mom: Like a hay bale?

Me: Well, but a hay bale is short. What am I practicing for there? Bunnies? I’m not going to be shooting bunnies.

Mom: …What are you going to be shooting?

Me: People. Obviously. Duh.


Me: You know, in the apocalypse when there’s zombies. Or people trying to steal my stuff*.

Mom: I don’t think your arrows are going to be much good against zombies.

Me: Of course they are. I just have to get really good and nail it in the eye so it reaches the brain.


Me: This is common sense, Mom.

Mom: You’ve put too much thought into this.

Me: Sheesh. Obviously someone has to.

* People stealing my stuff is a real fear.


Survival Michele!


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Let us all fully appreciate the awesomeness which is that photo….

Are you appreciating it? Is it not awesome?

Not only is my cat in a ATW Red Wagon Flyer but I have a rifle.

Ok, it’s just a BB gun. And I don’t even have any BBs. But sometimes we have to just look intimidating. Like when we’re protecting our cats and Red Wagon Flyers from the hordes of rampaging citizens who no longer respect personal property. Or lives. I’m just saying, I’m prepared to disrespect their lives if they try to touch my stuff.

Admittedly, I’m only going to be capable of beaning them in the head with the butt of my possibly plastic rifle.

So, let us move past my bloodthirsty violence to what this is all about. Basically, disaster hit Japan (and continues); I freaked out a “little” for about a week and did research ALL DAY one day on survival kits and what to have on hand in case of having to run for your lives, how long freeze dried food can last, camping stoves, etc, etc. Then I ordered many things. And when everything started arriving, I started assembling to-go bags for my mom and I (and 2 of the cats). If a disaster happens that doesn’t require us running away from home on foot, we will be soooo prepared. If we have to run away on foot, well we can take 2 cats and we have an all-terrain wagon to pull stuff in (before thinking to use Evan’s wagon I was going to buy an ATW CAT STROLLER. Oh yes. Cat stroller. It’s way too expensive but so awesome.)

Things which are in my kits:

  • 5 days worth of food (which will last 25 years)
  • towel
  • toilet paper
  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • lotion
  • soap
  • camping stove
  • mini propane tanks
  • knives
  • saw
  • water disinfectant
  • feminine hygiene products (you never know if disaster will strike during that time of the month)
  • matches
  • crank flashlight (2–one with radio, one that looks like a cat)
  • emergency blankets (2)
  • emergency sleeping bag
  • kleenex
  • dust mask
  • underwater camera (to snap quick photos for insurance purposes of the house before fleeing)
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • spare glasses (it would suck to be blind at the end of the world)
  • razor
  • mini medical kits (band-aids, antibioctic cream, rolled bandage, pain-killers, latex gloves, Tums, cotton balls, bandage tape)
  • whet stone
  • water
  • oversize first aid kit from Sam’s Club
  • spare clothing (in mine) including poncho, socks, underwear, t-shirt

Things I still need for our bags:

  • mini sewing kits
  • quarters
  • emergency phone number sheet (of relatives and emergency personnel)
  • photo-copies of DLs, insurance cards, etc
  • maps (with designated meet-up spots)
  • more water
  • camping pot (have, is just in garage somewhere)
  • camping utensils (also have, again is in garage)
  • a gun, dammit mom
  • an easy out

In the cat bag:

  • cat food
  • cat food and water bowls
  • travel litter box and travel litter
  • cat treats

Still need for cats:

  • Cat vet info sheet
  • Prepared “Lost Cat” flyers
  • collar/leashes

If you want to offer suggestion for more things to add, feel free. This is a process. I feel I’ve made a good start but I know I could still use more things. And there’s more photos here of my kits. None as awesome as that above, but still some goodness happening.