oh my god. so i just wrote this huge entry and it actually deleted the whole thing. what the hell is wrong with this thing? well (sigh) let me repeat myself. endlessly into infinity. with unicorns cresting the waves. why? why not. right on, the last unicorn. right on.

so the reason i have even pulled my act together today of all days to write an entry is because of the several (two) good things that have happened already this morning. and then the one thing which i have been meaning to write about and haven’t yet done so. until today. and the fact that since all previous entried were erased i felt the need to repeat the brillinance that was “i’m done and i’ll fortify” at the end of this ranty entry.

1) the cute boy who doesn’t know how to use the fax machine said good morning to me as i was coming up the stairs! good morning! he practically tipped his non-existant cowboy hat. ha ha ha!! i should have offered him one of my red vines. i bet he would have liked to have on of my red vines. if you know what i mean. and speaking of red vines….

2) i went down to the candy machine for a mid-morning snackiness and the machine had obviously defeated and deflated some poor soul who wanted red vines. cause it was stuck in an almost ready to drop position. and i was like, hmmm i could have some red vines and i put my money in and selected it and TWO bags fell out. TWO fer fuck’s sake. how exciting is that? pretty exciting let me tell you.

3) my boss is creating an oedipal conflict in her son the size of the former soviet union 9or at any rate what’s his name’s birthmark.) she goes on and on about how adorable he is, and how many kisses they give one another, and how soft his skin is and how good he smells, and (this is the kicker) he likes to sleep in her bed. and she says to her husband, “me and arnie are sleeping together tonight.” and he says fine and sleeps in the kid’s bed. the kid’s bed. leaving her alone with the kid in thier bed. does he not fear for his masculinity, being usurped by someone under the age of 8? that’s whack i tell you. wiggity whack, wyatt. gonna have one little messed up kid.

and i’m done and i’ll fortify.