ho ho ho ho!!


man oh man. but that city was seriously fun i swear. soooo just to do a big update on what my weekend was like:

friday: jason and i had donuts! that’s right! donuts! and then we drove all the way to vegas. and then my car broke. in primm of all places. so primm they didn’t even have car mechanics. how fucked up is that? casinos yes. useful men with tools no. but whatever the car made it to vegas and even got fixed and was free and no problem. by chad. a mechanic with a cute smile and who was nice to me. no woody. with the 3 yr old kid. and in vegas, so not very useful for my car maintanence needs and also i didn’t have a lollipop with which to show him my sucking prowess…..but that was saturday and i’m getting ahead of myself. friday night….hotel room. giant pyramid. huge shower. awesome cool. and then……BEN FOLDS AND A PIANO BABY. in VEGAS BABY. i don’t think i could have been more excited if i tried. i love that man so much. so fucking much. ah fuck. i am drooling at the thought of him. and he even played my fucking favoritest song off U.B.of R.M. about the redneck but not the 2nd redneck one. the first one. oh man. love it. sang along. it was so beautiful. he had us all doing three part harmonies and shit. and he was so proud of us! so proud. mazel tov, future mogul. if only i’d had that damn camera with me. could have been all sneaky in. and then i was like 5 feet from him. sigh.

hmmm well anyway and then we went and got marina at the airport. MARINA! at the VEGAS BABY airport. oh man. i was pretty damn excited then too. 🙂

ummm….and then i had onion rings. and i think i really need to stop listing all my activities. cause was that last one really necessary? i think now. condensed version now.

saturday-sightseeing, bellagio champagne brunch buffet. fucking shit so many desserts.

chad. (see friday) it might’ve been the chad.

folies bergere, the worst titty show ever. fuck your class vegas! give us the titties! grrrr….

huge ass margarita.

marina pierced her bellybutton!! hee hee hee!!! yes! i am the devil. and i pierced my ear. cause they didn’t have any barbells and i couldn’t do my eyebrow. so sad.

and of course we did some wacky things to our hair which you really have to see mine to believe it. i swear i’ll try to scan in a photo and put it on here. i could have a whole vegas baby photo page. or something.

well anyway and then sunday there was some major sleeping in and sunning and ear and bellybutton pain and more food and another huge ass margarita and more walking and no tigers and water shows and the electric slide and more drinking and crazy boys dancing and more sleeping.

and then i drove NINE HOURS back home. and played chicken with semis and was unbelievably dangerous and stupid. and bored. and super super bored. and then some more bored. road trips are less fun when you’re the only one on them i have to say. a sad lesson i have now learned.

back at work now. with the ass sucking. oh man. some major ass sucking. cause it’s so cold and it was so hot in vegas. sigh. and there’s work to do. and i’m not doing it. and i want to read more stupid YA novels. and jacob thinks based on my porn that i need to write porn YA novels. and i say whoo….interesting theory. and then i say goddamm dirty 15 year olds. with their fast cars and their cunning lingus. ah they don’t even have cars. cause they can’t even fucking drive. dumb-ass kids.

it’s too early in the morning for me to be coherant. i need to go eat some chocolate.