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shit monkeys!

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I just finally managed to get this working. I cannot even tell you how happy I am just now. And of course obviously most of it is thanks to Jacob who was like, �This, type in your name there. Ok press enter.� And then it was all done and it was so much easier than I thought it would be and whoopee is basically what I am saying here. And now I will just have to work on continuing to update it. Smile. Something which I�m sure will be soooooo (sarcastically) difficult. Although with the new work mandates against typing too much (shit that email is still pissing me off. Stupid anal bosses. Whatever.) Ok anyway I don�t really have time to be typing right now cause Gene is supposed to be calling and I want to go to bed soon cause whoo boy am I ever sleepy. So maybe tomorrow I will upload some more. Nighty night.

Misc Dates which I don�t remember now. 😉

Yey look at me actually making an attempt to put together this web page. Unfort. I still don�t know how to upload it to the Internet but I�m working on it. Oh yes. Yes I am.

I came so close just there! I almost had it! Goddamm bastard of a web page! Shit monkeys!

Man, I wish I had a butterfinger just about now. Now would be a pretty fucking sweet time for a butterfinger. Nuts to me though obviously. Cause there is no butterfinger in sight. And the piddling little 12 cents clinking around in my big ass wallet is not going to get me very far. Nope, not very far at all.

So I�m reading this book that Jason loaned me from a writer in his support group. (yes, the man needs support. And lots of it. Where�s the love people? Say, ���HIIIII JA-SON.� Ahhhh jokes at the expense of recovering alcoholics. It�s not very humane of me I must say.) So this book, The Fire Queen, good god is it ever hideously bad. And though she claims it is no romance novel it is seriously a romance novel. Any book that can incorporate a flame haired maiden who can ambidextrously use both hands to fling spears into people�s necks and a clan king of Ireland with few friends, lots of enemies (including his jealous uncle), and an anger-management problem�has got to be a romance novel. If you see what I�m saying. Throw in a bit of light rape and heavy gore, blood, and violence. And I think this woman has covered all her bases. Not in a particularly pleasant manner, mind you. But covered all the same.

Speaking of bases. We need more people to come and play baseball with us. If you�re reading this and you live in the bay area you should come! Suspicious frown. Unless I don�t know you. In which case 1)don�t come. And 2) stop reading this. I don�t know you and it logically follows that therefore I do not like you. Nuts to you now, I think. Nuts to you.

And speaking of nuts. Watch out for them on Panther beach. Especially the ones that look as if they have elephantitus and are grossly sunburned and actually bigger than the man�s penis. The little itty bitty penis under the big fat paunch that haunted us wherever we went on the beach. Blech. Remind me again why I would ever want to have one of those touch me. Ah never mind�.I can imagine it all by myself.

And now that I have covered all my own bases, including home, I do believe it�s time to say adieu for now. 😛

Well here it is, the day to end all days. WEDNESDAY. So you might be thinking, what�s the big deal with Wednesday? It�s not that exciting. And that�s where you would be wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Oh so wrong. Today is the bestest day. The day when I get to see Star Wars at a midnite sneak preview. Hell yeah! Oh shit I am so excited. It�s difficult to contain, soon I will probably be piddling like a puppy in the throes of meeting someone for the first time. Ah what a lovely image. Michele squatting and peeing on the sidewalk while trying at the same to wag her tail somewhat frantically.

Nuala has the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge which was playing in the car this morning. Which 1)makes me want the soundtrack myself and 2)makes me want to see Moulin Rouge again. It�s been a long ass time since I saw that movie. Good stuff is that Ewan Mcgregor. As to myself I am currently listening to the Hedwig soundtrack. Which is pretty fucking sweet in it�s own right. �The Origin of Love� for example is an awesome song.

I went to Sam�s Club yesterday. Big mistake. Spent entirely too much money. Bought absurd amounts of things which is the only thing you can do there. Sigh. Oh which one thing was a WHOLE BOX of butterfingers. Nuts to me no longer. Fat ass to me sure, sure, but no more nuts. Well�weird peanut stuff that�s inside of butterfingers. But nothing I can�t handle.

Expect the unexpected. Cause nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. And tomorrow I will bring a Star Wars review to you. Clones, attack! Good boy.

Hoo boy. Those attacking clones are one fun barrel of monkeys. Go to �ooishi� to read my review of it.

Well here it is Friday. Beautiful sunny glorious Friday and soon it will be time to go home and enjoy my weekend. Soon. If it ever even gets beyond 10am. It seems like I�ve been here for like 4 hours now and it�s only fucking 9:30. This is very depressing. I am not at all pleased just so we�re all clear. And no one is writing me email which also is with the bugging cause there is absolutely no reason for me to be straining myself working, since there is no boss here or ho beast and even I am sitting over in Purchasing for a while cause they are all at a meeting and I am therefore guarding against people coming to ask questions. But nobody is coming. Hence, making my job pointless. Consequently making me feel pointless. Perhaps I should sharpen some points on myself. I could go find a pencil sharpener�..

No word from the physics people yet. Maybe I WILL move to San Diego.

Perhaps I should go play java noid. Or my new fave rave: bounce out. Ah shitty shitty computer games that are free to play and free to get you fired for the playing of.

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  1. shit monkeys

    shit monkeys!!!!!! rawR~ y’all are gay! yeah thats right you heard me! ooo look at the pretty colors. |�-D “i fart in your grave!” weee! look the room is spinning! heh mmmmmmm whatever they put in this brownie is making me see stars and pretty colors heh.

  2. Shit Guys

    Shit i hate this shit because it is shitty you asswipe clam licker. GO 2 HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111