good lord. i am so shitty at updating this. but at least i admit my faults. wholeheartedly. hoo boy.

so this last weekend i went to San Diego. ah SD. fascinating land. i got lost SO MANY TIMES. it got kind of absurd. any faith in my directional abilities erica lost about 5 minutes after we arrived and promptly drove down the same street back and forth like 3 times before giving in and calling jenny for directions. well whatever. so i suck.

we went to the wild animal park. whoo! so much fun. big and sprawly and sleeping big kitties in the shade and so many babies. everywhere babies. monkeys and emus and antelopes. and a boy with the worst fake accent from escondido ever. brill i tell you. i floss my teeth with it, it’s so shiny. mint penny! mmmmmmmm……

and we met up with my brother, anthony, jeremy, and jeff and some boy named gub. ver odd name that. though no jigger. at joe’s crab shack no less. where jeff got a shirt which said, “my honors student got crabs.” proudly emblazoned on his back now. and they were all drunk and fun and silly and then we left them to go see sarah g and her new boyfriend who couldn’t be any fucking cuter if they tried. oh sweet jesus. hmm i gave her this webpage perhaps she will come and read it one of these days. and know how much in love with how much in love she is we are. ah poor grammar. i had a drink with blue cur-rac-a-rorooorwwwwoowowoow. tasty. and i am now a firm devotee of flautas. a thing which i had never had before. and which really weren’t even mine. so hey thanks jenny. 🙂 and lastly on friday night erica and i went to chris’ house and partied with my bro and peeps. which was equally fun except for the skank which is angela and how she was trying to have sex with all my boys. bitch. back down! i could’ve pushed her over the second floor balcony i suppose.

sunday was beach day. there’s always one in SD. and i did all my purple hair in little braids and people watched and and read “showdown at the bar none or ranch or whatever it is.” from that nickelodeon show “hey dude.” ha! i used to watch that. memory lane, man. memory lane. strolling. whistling. kicking and screaming perhaps.

now back at work i pity myself. and semi look forward to the trip this weekend in which i am going to seattle for the memorial ashes scattering event.

well popples. i better get back to working. before i get in trouble AGAIN.

p.s. go see �Jerry�

p.p.s. all right! He’s working! Go see him..if you dareeee.. (suck my cock.)

p.p.p.s. totally not working. bah. lame.