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Teuret’s Syndrome

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So I don�t really have anything to say her I am just striving to look busy so I can get a good sneak peek at Erica�s date, Turell. (no idea how that�s really spelled and I will refrain from telling you my nickname for him��Teuret�s syndrome. Although to his credit he seemed very nice when he did finally get to the door. Which took a while, probably too busy yelling obsenities at passing cars. Wow I am totally going to get sooo much fucking shit for this. He seemed nice. Yey Erica, you go on that date. J I�m happy for you. No no really. Fucking ay. All I get is the freak at DVD depot asking me if I�m single. So unfair. Ok People so basically all I did in my fit of productivity here was update the movie reviews page. Which still needs some work, I admit it. And also it�s funny how long the first review is and then how they taper off into one word exclamations of �Good!� �Sweet!� (and speaking of sweet damn dood do I ever need to own that movie.) Umm and also I really need to work perhaps on being a little more analytical, which would I think require me actually writing about them as soon as I had seen them and doing some research and getting back into the mindset of a critic, a habit which I have lost in all these intervening months from school to now. So in order to appease you people into believing that I really could go to film theory grad school (kim. J) I�m going to upload my paper about john woo films on that page for reading pleasure. Any day now I swear. And I�m still trying to fix the �Jerry� link down in 5/29/02. YEY!! He�s fixed! (spayed and neutered all thanks to Jacob.) So go visit him. Here he is again, if you are too lazy to go down and find him again. jerry! jerry!

No longer is my hair purple. Already it is gone. Faded like flower petals on the wind. Sigh. But now it is a pretty auburn color for my interview tomorrow at the pacific film archive and art museum store. Fingers crossed everybody. Please.

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