A dear boy named Anderson sent me a very odd letter in the mail the other day. If you wish to view his convoluted musings and my reply to suchamuch please go here:

spermwhale secrets


I wasn�t admittedly supposed to tell anyone about this, as you can see from the aforementioned anderson�s recent emailing:

i am the man in the pants

I hope that you don’t get too excited about the plan I sent you. It is for your eyes only. Remember, I was the inventor! So, keep it a secret until my patent license comes through. I don’t need any infringement. So, on that beautiful note, goodbye.


Ah Anderson. When will you ever learn not to trust me? Hugs and blowing kisses, Spermy.



p.s. when you go to spermwhale secrets make sure to go to the second page and then all the way over to the bottom right hand corner to see my reply to anderson�s mail.