in other news. nuala and i got in a car accident on the freeway (we are both fine and so is the other guy) but i was changing lanes cause i was in stop and go and the other lane was clear like 4 cars back so i was moving over and this motorcycle came out of nowhere (i swear) and rear ended me. smash! the glass shattered and we had it in our hair and down our backs. and the back is all scrunched in and the police came and the firetruck and the ambulance. it was awful. i was so scared that the motorcycle guy had really hurt himself (the cop said he was ok). anyway it was awful. and nuala and i called in to work that we weren’t coming and came home and went to my mom’s and called her at work and made her come home and call the insurance people and drive us back to my house. whereupon we have been sitting here since like 11am watching movies. good times. and my brother called cause he went home on lunch break and my car was there all broken and my mom wasn’t home anymore and he was worried about me. it was sweet. anyway. so that was my day. my shitty shitty day. and i think nuala has whiplash.