This is absurd how long it has taken me to update again. I admit it. And I apologize for it. Mainly to myself because I�m disappointed in myself for being a lazy slacker. What do you people care. There are so many other personal web pages to read anyway.


So! Last weekend, I went to Reno. Reno fer fuck�s sake. It was a little surreal. And I went to that rave that my brother was playing at and holy shit he�s gotten so good! I was very impressed. And pleased. And dancing. Erica came too and we had a good time at the rave and then on ferret rescue mission the next day. Sadly we missed pedal boating. But another time we have promised ourselves to go. Speaking of the ferret, he�s calmed down a ton and did not try to make a flying leap to gnaw off all my fingers the last time I saw him. He did still smell atrocious however.

Hmmm what else have I been doing with myself?�. Well I certainly haven�t been getting any sex unlike some other people I could name�� And what�s up with that, I ask. Possibly what�s up with that is the complete non-effort I put into getting someone to have sex with. Whatever. I think it�s time to stop discussing my lack of a sex-life. After all you can just go to Kristen�s page to read about the implicated Michele�s standards are too high.

I had an interview this week for a job at UCB in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and they were asking me questions about how much I knew of the Middle East and what I would say if someone called asking for comments on a bombing in Israel or something. And the temptation to go on and on about death to heretics and beating woman in the streets was strong. But I persevered in being a polite non-terrorist/terrorist-hater. They had a gorgeous office anyway. And the money was sweet. But I still don�t think (contrary to the mucho good will of my friends) that I will be getting this job. However according to Kristen I�ve got to hurry up and get some other kind of job since they have to let one of the TAPS in my office go. And let�s all be honest here, who has the worst work ethic of all the TAPS in this office? Oh that would be me. Oh yes. Me me me. Dammit. Possibly I will have to take Kristen�s French department job after all. Where I will be forced to listen to a lot of blow job stories from the sounds of things. The slurpy disgusting sounds of things.

Erica has gone away for the next 2 weeks. To Montana of all places. Crazy psycho (but not a beach psycho.) We shall all just have to persevere in the face of a lack of Erica I suppose. I�m sure we�ll survive it somehow. Put on those happy faces people.

I have come to the conclusion that I do not have the wherewithal to go to the gym by myself. Am I a loser? Yes I am. On the other hand, can Kristen go to the grocery store by herself? No she can�t. It pisses me off though. Because I really do want to exercise and get into shape and look good when I get to go to Hawaii. It�s just too much to expect for me to make my lazy ass go to the gym though. Fucking slacker ass. I spank you.

So last night as I was checking my email I found a rejection letter from the Pacific ART/Film archive place. Fucking ay. I could do that job in my sleep. I was so upset mad and angry. But now I�m just depressed. Why is it that I can�t get a better job? I fucking hate the real world.

Oh and an update for everybody on the car accident stuff. The motorcyclist had no insurance, registration, or a motorcycle liscense. So he got hella tickets. For which I do not feel sorry for him because he should have all those things and that is his problem. But I do feel sorry for him having to pay all those tickets and his bike is trashed and that completely sucks ass. I was so hopeful that we would get the police report and it would absolve me of guilt in the entire affair and then I could go back to not stressing about having almost killed someone. But the fucking police report was full of lies and things I didn�t say and really didn�t make me feel better about myself at all. The number of people who called in and told the police how erratically and insanely the guy was driving did not make it any better that I was the one he crashed into. It�s got to be partly my fault too.

My mom took some pictures of my car and I�ll post them as soon as she gets them developed. And I fed some raccoons last night and I�ll post pictures of them too. And tonight we are going to be playing board games and I�m sure you�ll all want/need to see pictures of that too eventually someday. Whatever. 😛