Man but oh man. I apologize to all my devoted fans for the complete lack of updating that has been going on with this sushi page. I am a slacker. And also I was out of the state. And then I was back but excessively tired. Hell I am still verra tired. But I am making the attempt anyway. Grin. Lucky you all.

So! Last Wednesday I flew out of SFO at fricking 6:25 in the morning. It was hideous. The horrible-ness of it was compounded by the fact that I barely made it onto the plane due to my own stupidity and forgetfulness in leaving my wallet in my purse in the trunk of Erica�s car which Jason drove off in after dropping me off. I was panic-stricken. I called Jason�s phone like every 2 minutes for a fucking hour. Where was that boy is what I wanted to know. I in fact still do not know where he is cause I have yet to ask him. Anyway, I finally at 5:15 gave up on trying to get a hold of him and called to wake up Jacob (sorry Jacob) to ask for Richard�s cell phone #. I then proceeded to try to call Jason�s # a couple more times before sucking it up and trying Richard�s. Who ALSO didn�t answer his phone. Man I was practically in tears. Finally on the second time calling Richard, he answered the phone (I felt so fucking bad he was so asleep) and I made him get out of bed and check to see if Jason was home and then made him leave a note on the door. Richard-you are a fucking saint. I swear. You are my hero. Jason eventually came home and called me back and then drove all the way back to the airport for me and got there at like 5:55. I rushed thru all the lines and got to my gate just as they were boarding the group of seats before mine. Holy shit. That was a traumatic morning.

P.S. in the meantime of me calling Jason over and over again, some Russian dudes who needed help with a phone card approached me. They did not speak very good English. They came back and I had to help them purchase tickets to Denver over the phone. It was so cool! Russians! Named like Vlad and Mikhail. Crazy ass shit. Anyway, I got them on a flight and a return flight and sent them on their way. They were so in love with me.

Ok this is a long ass posting. So I will shorten the next little bit. Made it to DC, hung out with Patty and Colin (Patty is an intern at Marina�s office and Colin is her boyfriend), ate, went to a bookstore, got picked up by Marina, went to Marina�s house, showered and went to bed. On Thursday..hmm what did I do on Thursday�..? We went to see Men in Black 2, had a BBQ with Marina�s fam at the house, and went to the National Mall to see the concert and fireworks. Aretha Franklin, baby. Oh shit it was so cool. I was SOOOOO so happy. Happy Michele smile. Friday�went to Tower Records (where I got Cirrus, Jimmy Eat World, and Norah Jones) and to the Freemason Temple Museum place. That place was wacky. Wacky, I tell you. I still honestly don�t understand all about freemasons, but whatever. Maybe I will do some reading up on them and update more about it later on this week. And after all that fun we went out to dinner in old town Alexandria with Marina�s family and took a boat tour of the Potomac river. On Saturday, we went to the Smithsonian Folk life festival, which was really awesome and decked out with tents, musical jamborees, food, crockery making, paper making, jewelry making, etc. But there were so many people! I was all claustrophobic. And whatever the fear of large crowds is. It was icky. Icky icky icky. But I still liked how it looked with the crazy ass Asian inspired structures and wacky Mongolian music. Whatever. So after that scary venture into the huge masses of people, we went to the zoo to see the non-baby pandas. They were like teenage pandas. But they were so cute and fuzzy! Oh pandas! Back to Marina�s house, got pizza and rented The Majestic and How High (why did we rent the latter? I don�t know. It was awful. Don�t anyone see it. Ever.) Then on Monday after 3 HOURS OF SLEEP, I flew home. Long ass plane ride. Me stuck in the middle seats the whole way on both flights where once again they didn�t feed us anything. But my mommy picked me up and took me to the Cheesecake Factory. Oh cheesy. I ate so much food I almost exploded. It was hideous and delicious all at the same time, as most of my trips to an eating establishment are.

Ok I apologize PROFUSELY for the length of this update. I�ll try to update more frequently now that I�m back from this latest vacation. And maybe Gene will give me access to moveable type soon and I�ll potentially be able to update at work in which case life will be much better for one and all.

Go here to see some pictures from my trip.

Ok and I know I had a point with this link originally but I have no idea what that point was now. But it�s still funny. Maybe I was trying to tie in with Kristen and playing games or Gene and banning things from schools.