Ahhh! I am so irritated with myself right now. It is fucking 4pm and I have done nothing so far except lay in bed and read, lay in the bathtub and read, and now sit at the computer and read stuff/write this. This would not bother me so much if I didn�t have shit to do. I have to return stuff to Mervyn�s, I have to get a rolly suitcase from my mom for my trip to DC (more about that in a minute), and I have to do my homework.

�Homework?� most of you will no doubt now be questioning. Yes, homework. I am taking this online internet class in film theory/appreciation. Why didn�t I tell anybody about it? I don�t know. I am very odd. My point it though: HOMEWORK! And am I doing it? NO! I�m writing this and berating myself for not going to SF for the gay pride parade. Which, when Kim called me on her cell phone to see if I was there, sounded like mucho fun in the background. But I was sadly still in the bathtub and Jason, Jacob, and Richard were already there somewhere. This is what I get for being lazy and bathing till I am prunish. (Ahh I just found that link for it and saw that Ian Mckellen was there! Man! I love him! Shit monkeys. Grrrr.)

So about DC, Marina called this morning while I was bathing too. (morning = 1:30pm.) why I wonder do I always get so many calls while in the bath? It happens more often than one would expect. I have in fact talked to the majority of my friends while in a bathtub at one time or another. Off topic. Marina said that her dad is very nervous about terrorist attacks, (he in fact works at the Pentagon and is rather high up militarily speaking), so possibly we are going to be forbidden from going to see Aretha Franklin et all sing, about which I am so fucking disappointed. Although obviously I would prefer not to get blown up or shot. Apparently we have to wait for a decision after his security briefings on Monday and Tuesday to find out if we get to go outside or not. Huge SIGH. In lieu of being at the Mall itself, we potentially will get to watch the fireworks from his office which has a perfect view of all the monuments. I told Marina to ask if we could at least maybe try to hang out on the roof. I suppose then there�s the potential for fallout or something. Who knows. We shall see. And we still get to go to the Silk Road event at the Smithsonian on Saturday, which looks like�s it�s going to be spectacular.