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raise your hand if you feel surpassed


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ellie. is. pregnant. pregnant. preggers. having a baby. bun in the oven. conceived. gonna be a momma. holy fucking shit.

she told me. i kind of went to pieces. i am still kind of in shock. it is completely surreal. she’s my friend. my pregnant friend. i had a huge crush on her and tried really hard to get her to go out with me before being turned down on a bjork e-card. long story. anyway. now she’s pregnant. and moving to canada (in december). canada. baby canook. it’s going to say “aboot” and “dood” and MEAN it.

i can’t even imagine being pregnant. but she’s happy. really, really happy. next time you see her you can say “congrats, dood.” but no hardball with the pregnant woman. tag ball rule not allowed anymore, she gets special treatment.

mostly i’m sad that she’s going to be moving away. and so far! i mean it’s great for her because she’ll be a lot closer to her dad and she really loves vancouver. but still! so far…

pregnant, PREGNANT. shit.

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  1. erica

    Congratulations, Ellie. Though I have to say it isn’t really fair that we get the pregnant part but not the kid part. How about if you go to the Vancouver nunnery first and then come back when you’ve got something to show for yourself.

    Or at least visit. I want to see a real life kid.

  2. Jolie

    Wowy Zowy! Congratulations Ellie. I have to agree with “Erica,” the whole moving to Canada and stealing away the cuteness of a brand new kid is really unfair. Good Luck with the move and everything. Are the puppies jealous? I bet they’re jealous. The most jealous piece a marble cake ya ever did see.

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