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they’re not coming. but we did go. (marina might actually be going. to russia that is. in august. how cool is that?)

anyway, i know it’s absurd that we just went and i am already putting up the pictures for it. but whatever. your local, friendly, documenter strikes again.

for those of you who i haven’t seen in a while. i got hair extensions! big ones! lots of them! and some pictures of me actually got taken for once. shocking, i know. so go marvel at my hair. and my tasteful, fashion styling wrist bands (which protected the touch up job i got done on my wrist tattoos this weekend.)

plus, in other news, kim raised $670 with her rummage sale for the sf aids foundation/fundraiser walk. yey kim! and also yey to jason, erica, and i who lent lots of moral support and sat around in the chairs buying things for ourselves all day saturday. self-congratulatory pat.


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  1. nuala

    I didn’t read the part about the hair extensions before I saw the pictures and I was looking at you going what the hell?! How did she get long braided har all of a sudden?!

    Now see that I noticed! It’s looks need but strangely bizarre. I think I need to se it in person.

    Wish I had been there for the canoe trip. Miss you.

  2. michele

    nuala! speaking of seeing things in person, is your mom going to pick up your pasta bowl before she goes down to see you? because it is sitting and waiting here. and my mom is leaving town on friday morning…so you’d best tell yours to get it. =)

  3. michele

    it’s bee-yoo-ti-full. the one i made caused the bride-to-be to cry with happiness. good job me. your recipe box from aaron is also at my house.

    tell her to call my mom beforehand to make sure she’s at home. oo and she has a cell phone now and i will email you that number.

  4. nuala

    I of course forgot to tell Mom. sigh. And I was excited to see it. Oh well. I suppose I can have her come by some other time. Or maybe you can come down with it. Or maybe I could just come home and get it.

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