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wedding the first


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i feel this is going to be inane. which is i suppose what i get when i’m this tired and still kind of reeling from the number of things i’ve done in the past week.

last wednesday i began driving with jacob and dianna up to doug and lisa’s wedding in WA. we stopped at their house on the way up and saw what a gorgeous family residence they have. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lovely leather furniture, huge backyard, multitudes of plants, and intense croquet games. that house was MADE to raise children in. even if right now they’re using the extra bedrooms as “offices.” and let me tell you, it is weird to see pictures of your ex-boyfriend and his fiancee all over his desk when it used to have framed photos of you on it.

but the strangeness of the weekend was only beginning. being in tacoma and at UPS again was freakish. i could not manage to explain to anyone however why it was so bizarre in a bad way. i tried describing how depressing it felt to be back somewhere which hasn’t changed but in which you no longer belong AT ALL. but that didn’t seem to fly really well. it was like looking around at a place where i used to walk and laugh and be and now i am a completely different me who no longer gets to walk to class along the paths like she owned them, or run into people sitting in front of the SUB with glad cries of welcome and bon homie, or even have homework to do. my mind doesn’t even work the same way it used to. and being there again just made the differences which i am currently not so fond of more profound.

friday we picked up erica and jason at the airport and went back to campus. but we didn’t stay nearly as long this time and then we got to go to happy dragon, the best restaurant ever. man i love them so much. the gimp was even there and faked remembering us out of a chided sense of compassion. it was beautiful.

and then friday night we drove up to seattle to see anderson and his new band chuckanuut drive play. for those of you who have not heard me and/or erica speak of anderson, our love for him is intense, full of rivalry, and lasting. it is absurd how great this boy is. seriously. so we’re lurking around looking for him and we find him then and he is all with the washington hickish alt boy look. he’s rebuilt a 1968 mustang. he’s gotten arm muscles. he’s better then ever before. erica and i are swooning. and then what does he do while we watch fireworks across the sound from gasworks park? he stands behind me and is all sweet and cuddly while inwardly i’m screaming, “yes! yes!” and erica is looking on with a jealous but concurrently delighted face. but then he has to go set up for the band and when we get back to the bar he comes and sits with us and launches into talking about his girlfriend who has the flu and is oh so wonderful and blah blah blah. it was so upsetting. but he showed us a picture and she is gorgeous and he is so adorably into her that you can’t actually blame him. (fucking can too blame him. fucking cock-tease. fucking argh.)

chuckanut drive=great live. and the two main front guys (guitars and vocals) were awesome. and very nice too. even though erica kept telling them to take their clothes off. and then i got carried away and asked them to take their clothes off, slap each around a little with their cowboy belts, and make-out on stage. seriously though, they were hot. one of them is getting married this month too. crazy month of weddings.

saturday we got up late, rushed around like crazy, got dressed and went to the church. which we got to just in time. immediately running into doug’s mom who was so giggly nervous and excited. she hugged me and was so happy to see us all there while we signed the guestbook and people stared at us. cause we were all so snazzy. and i have a lot of multi-colored hair.

the wedding was nice. it was very small and sweet and full of religiosity. whoo. lots of father son and holy spirits amen. and seeing people our age up there being stressed to about the foreverness of this and the holy sacrosanct of marriage and the binding laws etc was kind of intimidating. but, hey, more power to those who choose this and go thru with it and MEAN it, ey? admittedly it was also fun clutching erica’s hand, death grip on jason’s knee, unable to wipe the grin off my face, and carefully trying not to look at the snickering face of the best man which kept setting me off into snickers too. i shouldn’t be allowed at weddings really. i have no sense of decorum.

the reception afterwards was full of chatting and schmoozing. i did no actual schmoozing. jacob looked slick enough to schmooze, but also seemed to avoid doing it. we basically had a little enclave and fought tooth and nail when drug out of it. take, for example, the bridal bouquet toss where we all attempted to pretend marriage. i grabbed jason, erica held onto brian for dear life, and dianna mutinously refused to let go of jacob. sadly the groom’s mother saw us hiding and forced us out on the grass where i quickly drug erica to the back of the group of girls and refused to go any closer to the dreaded flowery death sentence. fucking wedding traditions. fucking stupid. amy, (doug’s younger sister) caught it and we all breathed a healthy sigh of relief while we in turn mocked and goaded the boys out for the garter toss. jason refused to dive for it, for which i might never forgive him. the brother of the bride caught it on the second attempt. hi-larious.

sunday we hung out in seattle with brian (best man) eating at nasai and shopping. we then dumped jason at the airport and went to tacoma again to meet up with susan, karl, and brenden who we all went to school with. which was oh so great! it was so much fun seeing them all again. they’re all younger by 1-2 years then us but are an awesome group of people who we associated with while at school. they told us about this movie they’d seen which i am now getting and once i have it i think we should all watch it. maybe it will be brilliant. it certainly sounded brilliant from their descriptions.

monday and tuesday were spent driving home with a brief interlude at powell’s in portland where i bought way too many books. man i love books. i’ve got almost a complete set of margaret mahy books now and a first american edition of rushdie’s jaguar smile

pictures should be up sometime soon. i’ve got two rolls. it’s amazing as usual how few pictures of me there are. and no real good ones of the lovely dress my mom made for me. although i got several compliments on it, (though not nearly as many as i got on the hair over the course of the weekend. shit, i fucking love this hair.)

and that concludes this hell of long post. if you actually read it all i thank and congratulate you. if you did not suffer thru all my descriptions…well…whatever. you can look at pictures later.

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  1. James

    I love the plot outline of the movie: “42 high school students are forced to kill each other on an uninhabited island.”

    They don’t know anything, Your only suppost to kill any men that are a threat to you or get in your way of all the women.

  2. michele

    james- they’ve got collars that make their heads blow up though!

    sean- thank you. and yes, big group!

    dianna- totally mutinous.

    kristen- i love you too. and your parents who were so concerned.

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