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the sugar shoes corporation


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holy canoodle. so a while ago (2 weeks or so) gene called me and made me all nervous by telling me he had to read me something. i was a little panicky because it turned out to be from an employee of the sugar shoes company and i was sure i was going to be sued. but happiness ensued rather because in fact they were trying to contact me to give me FREE THINGS because i have been advertising and drawing business for them. i was ecstatic, you can imagine. free sugar products? hell yeah, bring it on. i was expecting one of their free necklaces. maybe a little makeup sample or something. but then they asked for my shoe size. FREE SUGAR SHOES IN THE OFFING. i almost expired from joy. i mean, who manages to get free products because of their webpage? this is definitely a first for me. a first i intend to replicate somehow. you wouldn’t think it would get much better than free shoes though, right? but that’s where you’d be wrong.

i got home today from my adventures in the pacific northwest, (more to follow), to find a big ass sugar shoes box waiting for me in my room. i excitedly ripped it open to find:

free magnet (1)

free stickers (about 6)

free makeup (3 kinds)

free sugar purse/bag (1)



sugar is sweet and so are you. but not as sweet as my twinkle toed shoes.

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  1. nuala

    Holy Crap! How do you do that? How do you get free things? I’m so jealous…hee hee. Good for you. And you have drummed up business for them so it’s the least they could do. Now if only they would put up a website. Then you could just point everyone in the right direction….

    What exactly did their email say?

  2. michele

    ho ho ho! my shoes light up! i will look like a 10 year old!

    their email said…”Here’s the deal…. My name is Carrie and I am the Marketing Director for Sugar shoes and cosmetics. We heard about “Sushi” through a customer inquiring about shoes. She told our customer service person she obtained our contact information from the “Sushi” website. Originally, I signed up [to Cementhorizon] in attempts to find out who is responsible for posting the information. What I’d like to do, is send this person some product….seeing as they are a big fan. If there is anyway you could help me I’d appreciate it.”

    that is the email gene got more or less and he sent it to me and i wrote to her and she said it was delightful to hear about how much i loved sugar shoes and asked for my shoe size and then i received this box in the mail.

    kristen- i got a little compact of lip glosses that says “sugar is good for you” and a little necklace of lip glosses and a tube of lipgloss. i am sad not to have any eyeshadow, but pretty damn happy all the same.

    marina- hee hee. man, i wish i could just hawk sugar products online and get paid for it.

  3. dianna

    the sight that greeted my eyes this afternoon when i emerged from your bathroom and saw you and jacob holding one shoe each, grinning and rhythmically hitting the soles to make them light up, as though mesmerized by their blinkyness, was both surreal and wonderful. i think the value of that moment is far greater than that of the sugary goodies themselves, but i fully recognize that you will most certainly disagree with me on that. so be it.

  4. jade

    whoa. i just saw your other page about sugar shoes and someone put up their company address….which is like 3 blocks from my office!

  5. Kathryn

    My name is Kathryn and i’m living in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been on the lookout for the sugar shoe floatie flip flops but i’m not having any luck. Any stores I find online will only ship to the states and there seem to be NO stores in toronto that sell them!! I’m so desperately wanting these flip flops and I just keep getting dead-ends. Does anyone here have any idea of a store in toronto that would sell them??

  6. Lise

    I’m obsessed with sugar shoes as well =| i saw some red lace-up clogs in a magazine that i adore, but i haven’t seen anything like them anywhere in stores or online… and the phone number always gives me this switchboard company… *is puzzled*

    does sugar shoes even sell clogs, or am I just lost?

  7. michele

    hmmm, i’ve never seen sugar clogs….but i wouldn’t take that as a definitive no on them having some. you could try sending a card or something to the address and request a catalog. i don’t know if they have a catalog but it seems they might. i did a search on ebay for them and found nothing. sooo…i don’t know. i found a new company that sells the flip flops online though!: http://www.flipflopcompany.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=browse&id=213766&pageid=167

  8. Lise

    Thanks for the help =) the floaties are so cute 8|

    unfortunately, I’m a size 5/6… and my parents are of the sort who believe than flip-flops are house shoes of the lowest quality. [therefore, I shouldn’t pay more than $3 bucks for a pair]

    alas, I found a pair of size 5/6 red floaties for $5 with no bids and 3 hours left yesterday on Ebay… but with $5 s/h that’s an OUTRAGEOUS price for flip-flops =X

    Ahem… sorry for blabbing way to much… thanks for the tip, I’ll try to request a catalog =) [and I’ll mention that you referred me, maybe you’ll get more shoes =o]

  9. dianna

    michele, make a living out of being the sugar shoes corporation’s point-of-contact, referral service, and advertising department. do it from the comfort of your own home and the lack-of-privacy of your own weblog.

    do it now.

  10. Jerisann Stalnaker

    I recently moved to Hawaii and I cannot find these darn sugar shoes anywhere. I bought 2 par before I left Ohio, but I NEED more! Can anyone help me? If so, Email me at reinbeau5426@yahoo.com I would really appreciate it. Catalog? Any companies that ship to Hawaii? AHHHHHHH!, Help me, Please!

  11. Jerisann Stalnaker

    To be more specific… Floatie Sugar Shoes, that’s what I want (NEED). I love them! My husband thinks I’m crazy… obsessed over slippers, but I’m just a girl!


  12. Taar

    Those Sugar Shoes are soooooo damn cute! I went to sugarshoes.com but I clicked and clicked all over the page and it didn’t direct me anywhere. Do they have another site? Cause I was wondering if they had an other colors in the light up shoes and how much they retail for.

  13. didofoot

    hi ive been looking for shoes made out of sugar for years because i am trying to create a costume made entirely out of food for my dance act i am an exotic dancer. can you help me please thanks

  14. Micka

    Hello ….. i am looking for some sugar shoes in califorina any one have a idea where i can find someone who sell the most sugar shoes in one place? thanks

  15. Shopping in T.O.

    Kathryn, go to Queen Street south of Spadina – I saw some Sugar flip flops there – I can’t remember the store name but if you ask the store owners they should be able to tell you if they carry them or not. Good luck in your search!

  16. Sarah

    I ordered a pair of the light up shoes and then two days later got an email saying they didn’t carry them anymore and I was sooooo disappointed, anybody know where I can get them ???? PLEASE HELP ME !!!! I’m obsessed with shoes !!!! If you can help me email me at princesskip15@hotmail.com, thanks so much

  17. Uluwehi

    I am desperately trying to locate a pair of black and hot pink MJ jogger shoes that I bought about 2 years ago in Hawaii from a the store Hot Topic. If anyone knows where they may find it any help would be appreciated. They are my favorite pair of shoes and I wear them everyday.

    Mahalo….Uluwehi vpuni@hotmail.com

  18. michele


    Shoe Fetish?

    Who hasn’t dreamed of designing her own perfect pair of shoes? If you have, now’s your chance to get them made. Sugar shoes has a new contest to design your own sneakers � first you buy the black or white sneakers from http://www.nordstrom.com, then you set to work customizing them with anything from markers to beads, paints to studs.

    Next, take a photo of your sneaks and send it to Sugar’s headquarters at 17352 Von Karman Ave., Irvine, CA 92614, by January 10, 2004.

    The winning design will be developed and produced for the fall 2004 season � so your design could be on sale in stores.

    Not only that, but the winner will receive a pair of Sugar shoes every month, for six months and a goodie bag containing flip-flops, a T-shirt, and cosmetics. Three runners-up also receive goodie bags.

    This is your chance to get creative for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds go to The Art of Elysium, a Los Angeles�based charity that provides art experiences to critically ill children � so step to it!

    doods, i am so there.

  19. amber

    Hey again, who knows where i can get the SUGAR duffle bag???? anyone know just post it and tell me, ive looked for it all over the internet.. thanks a whole whole bunch

  20. amber

    oooo thanks soo much but it doesnt have the duffel bag…. it was real nice of you though….i saw the duffel in cosmogirl magazine but it doesnt say where i can get it…. please still help!!! any ideas where i can find it or if you have found it please let me know !!!!!!

  21. ally

    hey i saw the sugar duffel bag too and i want it soooo bad but does anyone remember which cosmogirl issue it was in? email me please!…thanks

  22. Alesia

    I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF THE “MARY JANE” STYLED OLIVE’S…AND OTHER ALL OTHER STYLES IN GENERAL…PLEASE HELP ME I CAN’T BREATHE…I’M DROWNING…ONLY SUGAR SHOES CAN SAVE ME!!!!! Ok enough of the dramatics if anyone knows of any *new* sites that carry sugar shoes please let me know! My email is leeshabeesha@yahoo.com – Thanks!

  23. Abby

    Ebay is a great place to find the floatie sugar shoes as well as the maryjane styles. There is a phone number for the distrubution company for Sugar Shoes… but, they only sell wholesale and well if you buy any… it’s 6 pairs of one style. i sell them on ebay. i don’t sell the regular floaties but loads of others on ebay sell them very very reasonable prices since the regular floaties are about 30 in the stores. i wish i got free shoes for selling them and buying about every pair i can find. This is a long post but i’ve spent many hours searching for info on them online so i thought i’d give the good info in one place. I wish the web page worked too… that would make searching easier and they would make loads of moolah. if you need more info just email me. I’m usually good for the sugar info. love, abby

  24. Jessie

    Do you think you could provide any contact info for the Sugar corporation. I am looking to do business with them for my company. I could use your name as a reference. Perhaps more free products for you will ensue???

  25. Angelique

    Glad to find some other Sugarshoe fans…perhaps if we purchase the crap out of them from every source imaginable, someone (less lazy than I) will put together an online store:

    Here’re my Sugarshoe links…I hope I’m not replicating info you’ve already shared, but back to my laziness, I didn’t do a great job of verifying:


    denim jogger, old school high-top, old school low-top , navy jogger


    floatie, $20, in navy, black, yellow, red, pink, turquoise


    sneaker in black/white or burgundy/white


    hightops in leopard print, green whales, or logoed red


    denim jogger in sizes 6 or 8 only


    floaties in black, red, or blue


    pink light-ups in size 6 only


    flip-flaps in black/white, logoed, or pink–and slide sandals–and size 9/10 turquoise floaties


    size 5 or 10 only burgundy sneakers


    has a crapload of flip-flaps and floaties



  26. Abby

    There is a girl on ebay that tends to carry hard to find sugar accessories. She might be able to get the duffle bag. piasboutique is her ebay name. Try her.

    Also sirhc002 is a good person to find one of a kind sugar shoes. She somehow has the sample sizes of all the designs. Only in a size 6 though so if your blessed with a small foot she’s your lady.

    Nordstrom.com now has sugar cosmetics. Sephora does too. Nordstrom stores have the shoes.

    If you have one. The Need Supply Company or what ever it’s called now… carries tons of shoes. Good prices too. I know the richmond one does. there may only be 2 richmond and athens Virginia.

    http://www.needsupply.com/ is the web site for more info on contasting them for products.

    Somtimes Glass and Powder Board shop has some things. http://www.glassandpowder.com/ again that is richmond based. Only 2 shops. Pink is also in Carry Towne and it carries accessories only.

    I’ll look for other stuff later. To aid in the search.

    I hope i get my much needed shipment of sugar shoes in. I’m azurafae in ebay land. My hubby and I found some flip flops last night that look like the extra fine suag floaties with the waffley foot bed and a cute kitten heel. I think i can only get white and black but the sizes were good as i remember. I’m buying them tonight. The other colors should be availble come spring or summer. they like not telling me when they are shipping those. Lots of pretty springy girly colors though. Have a great week and happy sugar hunting.

  27. Abby

    Oh and to answer why the web site doesn’t work. It did once upon a time. Sugar shoe company sometimes has problems with when they have shoes ready to sell. (why i wait for shoes to be released for my buying) They constantly change their minds about what they want to produce and what they don’t want to. Just a money thing. so poop i said but they are atleast nice about it. They just sell so much to other stores that they didn’t have time to maintian the site and it wasn’t worth the effort to them. I always check ebay anyway so it’s about the same to me as a working sugar shoe web site.

  28. Rachel

    So do they not realize that their site doesn’t work? That is so annoying. I had a pair of mary jane joggers, grey and pink, and I LOST THEM. I am so sad. I’ve spent months looking for new ones but I don’t want denim ones, I want pink. I’m going to write the company. It’s cool to see that so many other people like their shoes so much too.

  29. Jessica

    Hey guys… Just stumbled upon this listing while lookin for some sugar shoes.. I too noticed that their website didnt work.. but i also found another site that sells sugar shoes for cheep.. go to http://www.flipfloptrunkshow.com/thonflipexwo.htmlThey actually sell them.. I was so happy to find them. I had no idea that so many people were interested in buying Sugar shoes.. If this site works for ya feal free to e-mail me to tell me about your findings

  30. GOLDEN


  31. sarah

    hey sugars, does anybody know where I can buy Sugar Shoes slippers? I bought a pair a few years ago at Ricky’s NYC and LOVE them – but need to get another pair – I can’t find them on any of the sites listed above – they are made of terry cloth and are soooo comfy and lovely,

    have you guys seen them anywhere?

  32. Abby

    Alloy has a few from the Judy Jetson line. large platform sneaks that normal sugar. tan MJ!!! and some with rainbows!!! ohhhh I want the tan ones. i LOVE Mary Jane sneaks.

  33. Lindsay Bayer

    I am looking desperately to find Sugar MJ Joggers in Denim in a size 9, 9.5, or 10…..does anybody know where I can find any? There are NO sites that carry them in that size….Thanks! Feel free to email me.

  34. Nina

    My best friend is looking for Sugar MJ Joggers, that is the only shoe that is fashionable and cool over the Spring and Summer months that she is able to wear. She has a foot condition that requires special shoe inserts, therefore, sandles and such are out of the question. As I’ve read in all these past posted comments Sugar shoes are hard to come by. We saw a pair of pink ones she fell in love with but can’t find a pair for purchase. My question is this, does anyone know if the Sugar Shoe company sell to the general public? I’d appreciate any information regarding this. I’m getting so desperate I think I just might by them gross and keep them in the garage…lol. Thx for reading this much. Happy Hunting. Ciao

  35. michele

    they do sell to the general public i think. if you call the phone number which is one the homepage (sushi.cementhorizon.com on the right hand side in the panels listed under sugar shoes) they can probably give you a lot more information and maybe even a catalog. otherwise, try ebay or some of the webpages listed in these comments.

  36. holohan

    i find the best way to get sugar floaters is to eat a lot of corn and follow it up with some chocolate cake. you can get all that stuff for like four dollars.

    bada bing.

  37. Nina

    Thanks Michele, but FYI, they don’t sell to the public. I called and had no luck. They don’t even offer a catalog. Oh, well. Their sales rep. suggested everything this site does. I’ll just have to touch base with eBay. I do appreciate your help. Take care, and thank you again. Ciao.

  38. Krystyn

    I’m So sad! I too have been searching high and low for the Sugar MJ Jogger in denim/navy. It’s not too tall & the perfect freaking shoe! I called the company and they do not make them anymore and I need a size 10. Anyone help? I keep my eye on ebay. I have worn holes in my current pair & can’t live without these shoes!! thanks

  39. darryl

    hi. i have been trying to reach the sugar shoe company to purchase their products for my store. do you have a phone # or email address. thanks

  40. cat

    Hey everyone, I just found out about sugar floaties, but I am really tall and they don’t make a 11 do they? That is bad! I want those shoes BAD! 🙂

  41. debi

    hey, was shopping in toronto yesterday, and if anyone is going to be around there go to queen st. there are lots of stores that carry sugar shoes.

    there is one store right now that actually have some on SALE, mostly mj joggers & joggers, in all different colors (lots of different ones in shades of blue, tan, gray, pink) but mostly in sizes 6, 8, 9, 10, they have all the floaties, and some other styles

    this particular store is called


    323 queen st

    toronto, ontario

    phone number: (416)595-1059

    hope this helps~ was just noticing a search of mj joggers in colors i saw so maybe this will help you get them…

    if anyone knows of where to get the sugar bumper in green with orange laces that would help me out a lot… thanks

  42. Karolina

    Hi! This site is really great… it’s SO hard to find any info on Sugar Shoes! I called the company, but they directed me to these other web sites, but they have BARELY any selection! I see all these shoes you guys talk about and I can’t find them anywhere! I live in Toronto, Canada and am wondering if anyone else has some tips as to how I can get to a bigger selection of Sugar Shoes, that would be great! This company is so AWESOME, I think they would make so much more money if they kept their online presence!!!! E-mail me if you have any info or tips (I am size 5, but wear size 6 Sugars because I can’t find any my size) :((( karolinaklara@yahoo.com

  43. Susan

    Hey I need some help. Im looking for the Sugar Wave Runner shoe size 10 We had a store in Oklahoma that sold them but they closed and im really bummed I had every color from last year but they are worn .. Time for new ones.. Any Ideas or the sugar co. Phone number.


  44. Terror Cotta

    Yo guys! Got another website for sugar shoes. They carry the Geisha style which is uber cool but not a potentially good idea for a shoe.

    I got the Geishas and the two rubber halves are connected by a thick plastic arch which has now snapped in half. My shoes are less comfortable and I am not sure I can wear them again. I am more than a little disappointed.

    Anyway, the shipping is reasonable.


  45. Hannah

    hey i love the flip flaps by sugar but all of the stores near me only have one design of them. i checked all the websites above but does anyone know a site that has mostly flip flaps or some really unique flip flaps? because most of the sites i see have mostly the regular floaties. thanks.

  46. Brenda

    Just FYI — I just type “sugar shoe” into my navigation toolbar, and it kicks out all kinds of different websites with different styles/different prices. Hope this helps someone!!

  47. Chelsea

    hey! I am getting sugar shoes for my birthday which is in two days, if yall are having a hard time finding them, cuz i know i did, and you live in New Orleans, go to the french quarter (Jackson Square) and visit St. Ann street, go to Voilets II, they have really cute ones (and those die-hard sugar fans, if you ever visit be sure to go there!!! -I can’t wait!

  48. michele

    Sugar Shoes

    17352 Von Karman Ave

    Irvine, CA 92614



    you can try these numbers. i don’t guarantee they’ll work though. feel free to mention that you were led to them by this webpage though.

  49. Denise

    i know i’m just going to be saying what everybody else says but these shoes really are extremely comfortable! All the sandles i usually wear always get my footmark on them and they wear down when i wear these sandles it’s like i’m walking on soft clouds!I really like floatie sugar shoes!By the the way what are the colors that your shoes come in?

  50. Brenda

    I paid $20.00 for my sugar shoes and they fell apart in 5 days. Think it was the biggest waste of my money I have seen. Should have paid $2.00 for cheapos-they last longer.Me and my big mouth will tell everyone I know not to waste money on these worthless shoes.

  51. lilly

    you guys need to make floaties covering stronger.I mean I bought a pair for $20.00 and they broke in a week.Then I bought a pair I only wore three times an they broke too! I’m starting to feel like I’m throwing my money out The window I mean, you shoes are cute and comfy, but for $20.00 they should last a little longer don’t you think so?

  52. michele

    i don’t recommend the floaties. they gave me horrid shin splints and i can see how they’re very flimsy. the normal “tennis” shoes though are incredibly comfortable and last a long time.

  53. Heather

    i have been dieing for a pair of the sugar light up shoes but i cant get them anywhere i live in alaska so there are barely any stores that carry them and the only ones i find on the internet are on ebay and they aren’t my size does anyone know a website that has the light up shoes on them?

  54. michele

    1. what size do you wear, heather?

    2. the contact info is listed above. please read carefully. or i, like a sucker, could post it here again. dammit.

    Sugar Shoes

    17352 Von Karman Ave

    Irvine, CA 92614



  55. Abby

    I sell sugar shoes on ebay. I carry pretty much everything available except the regular floaties and the kitten heel one. I just got in alot of different kinds so I’ll be listing them soon.


    These are my favorite brand.

    as for the people who have had them break I recommend calling the sugar company to see what they could do. they might be able to answer those questions better than anyone else.

  56. Abby

    okay so like normal I contacted the sugar company to order more shoes. I was just having a nice conversation with my lady when she mentioned that sugar was stopping production of the mary jane jogger. I was shocked. She also mentioned that they would be producing mainly summer spring shoes and very little of the fall. She did say that they were carring some flats for the fall/ winter season and designing loads for the spring summer season. That was much to my delight. Since I’m getting out of my platform stage into a flat and high sexy heel stage I was ok about the future lack of MJ joggers. this is sad news for all you mj lovers out there… this does explain the shortage out there. I’ll still wear mine until they fall apart. Just leaving a note in a most important place.

  57. michele


    thanks for the tip, abby. i need to buy some more before they disappear then. although all i can currently find online is the denim ones, and i don’t really care for those. meh.

    i did discover that they’ve got weird boots now too in a carpet bag pattern and a cat-skull one. fascinating.

  58. Becki

    Does anyone know where to find maryjane sugar shoes…that aren’t denim???? Or the sugar shoes website or anything? It’s a hard company to get ahold of…..PLEASE email me if you know!!!!

  59. gene


    You should add to the main entry on this page, and “update” with all of the sugar shoes information on your main page. You should do the same for your other entry on sugar shoes.

  60. Abby

    I still find it funny that people keep on posting for the sugar contact info when if you read through the entries it is posted multiple times. Also if you read all the post no matter the date of them you can have most of your questions answered.

  61. Abby

    oh yeah. michelle how was that makeup that you got from sugar so long ago. I’m thinking about carring some of it but I’m not sure of that yet.

  62. Sonika

    Hey. Does anyonw now where to get the maryjane sugar shoes that ARE denim??? I have a pair and I need to buy more!!! But I already went to the yaho store and they seem to have none Sugars at all. I saw 2 people here asking for MJ joggers that aren’t denim so it seems they have found what I’m looking for. Please, please!! My e-mail is sonikasonica@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance.

  63. toby


    I’m looking for the Sugar MJ Denim’s in a size seven. I tried the Farouf Footwear site, but they will not ship to Canada. Help, I love my pair of these shoes, but they’re quickly dying.

  64. tara

    hihihihihhi. i love sugar shoes, and i can’t find them anywhere except for ebay, and people always outbid me.. any chance you can help me find them somewhere?

  65. Natalie


    I found suger flips at drjays.com for only 9.99 green whales w/pink straps and black w/sugar girl allover. They also had three other colors for 12.99.

  66. Blythe

    Hey, I can see that the light-up shoes were from around two years ago, but I am desperate to get some. Ebay doesn’t have any listed right now and I have searched everywhere. Does anyone have an idea about where to get the light-up shoes? My e-mail is fruitycandy@cs.com. Thanks!

  67. kitty

    heya im from london england, i really really want some sugar origami boots, the greyscale army pattern ones can ANYONE HELP ME, the sites i’ve found have none in stock, theres none in the shops here, is there a email? or a uk branch? or number? anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, X

  68. kat_wes

    HEY! I have look everywhere 4 the red ditzy floral boots in size a 8 but i can’t find them anywhere!!!!!!! cn any1 help me?????? thnx, katx

  69. Maria

    hey, i was wondering if anyone knows where to get the sugar origami boots in toronto? Groovy shoes is out of them right now. Please help me!

  70. Maria

    I tried to phone Sugar Shoes at the number given above (800-349-9538) but it does not work. Is there any other number? I adore Sugar Shoes but this is really agravating me. Any help at all would be appreciated. Even help from this site. Thanks

  71. Maria

    whoever was looking for grey scale origami boots, amazon.com is selling them but they dont have many sizes left. hope this is helpful.

  72. kameshia

    i have been searchimg every known website, and stores for a pair of sugar retro floral boots in brown a womens size 10 or the suitcase print. These boots are for my daughter who is graduating form high school and has been begging me to find these cute colorful boots. Would you PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!! let me know were I can find them.



  73. Raminder Hundal

    hi ya was jus wondering whetehr anyone knows how i can get hold of the sugar origami boots in a tan colour i saw them online and love them already have so many sugar shoes and tehy are the perfect boots for when winter starts i really want them…if ne1 knows where i can get hold of them please post it here

  74. Amber

    Hey there! I saw that many of the posts were reffering to the mary jane joggers and I didnt see anyone list a website to purchase them besides ebay. I have checked ebay and all they have are flip flops. I am desperatly looking for a pair and since they discontinued production its been pretty hard. Please if you know of ANY website besides ebay that would have them let me know. Thanx!

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