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today was a good day


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and here’s why.

1. looked at lots and lots of pretty photos of s&m with kim.

2. had thai food lunch with kim which included fried banana and coconut ice cream.

3. got to work in the vip room again. but with cort this time. and sure he ain’t no varekai acrobat, but for a 6 foot 4, 20 year old boy he’s nothing to scoff at.

4. ate a ton of beef on sticks, brownies, eclairs, and lemon bars.

5. sold a shitload of expensive crap. (this always makes me feel good. since it is, after all, my job.)

6. took a ton of beef on sticks home.

7. randomly met up with curtis on the freeway and played speeding leapfrog all the way home while blowing kisses in the tunnel. this exercise was slightly dangerous as speeding in tunnels while not watching the road is never a good idea.

8. have the next 4 days off. (welllll, except for school.)

ANNNNDDD, i got into the MAPS (masters of pacific asian studies) at the university of san francisco, starting in january! yey for going back to school! i haven’t heard back from the MBA program yet, but hopefully i will get in there too and then i will have the whole concurrent degree dual program thing going on. useful degrees! wheeee!

the one bad thing that happened today is that i found out partially what happened to punk. the asshole white trash bastard next door, whose daughter was punk’s original owner, cat-napped him. quite possibly he has now dumped punk somewhere in the wilds of martinez. that fucking asshole. who the hell does shit-face think has been feeding punk, taking him to the vet, letting him sleep in a bed? i am so mad at him i could pound his face in. if only he wasn’t a convict drug dealing male bigger than me. i hope social services takes away his bratty, bitchy excuses for children and puts him back in jail. along with his jail-bait/bird girlfriend. fuckers. (now even if he has brought punk back safely and is just currently keeping him confined to their tiny in-law next door, i will still not forgive him. because i hate him. and always have.)

deep breath. i apologize for my strong language. sometimes i have to freely express.

8 Responses to today was a good day

  1. Jolie

    Holy Shit!!! Congratulations on grad school. That’s so exciting. And January is so soon! Yeah for grad school in January.

    Sorry to hear about punk… those muthas suck. But at least he’s probably alive… maybe you could sneak the little bastard back. I’m sure your brother knows someone who is up to the job.

  2. michele

    i’m up to the job! i’ve got mad burglery skills.

    but, apparently they dumped punk up by my elementary school. so now mom and i are going to put up signs. however, we are well aware that if we get him back they’ll probably just jack him again. uuurrrrgh.

  3. nuala

    Yea for grad school! Congradulations. Now why would they get rid of him when they know you’ve been taking care of him, that he’s basically yours. I mean seriously what the hell is the point.

    stupid bastards. I hope you find him. At least he’s probably still alive.

  4. jason

    Holy fuck on a shit strobe! Congratulations, Michele! I’m so happy! You’ll be learning stuff in the very same place WHERE I LIVE! We could, like, hang out and stuff! You go on with your useful self!

  5. michele

    it’ll be just like now when i am working in the very same place you live and i haven’t seen you once! yes!

    (but hey thanks. i am super excited too. =)

  6. michele

    oh, and the punk thing. apparently seeing as how he is a punk he actually jumped into their car by himself because the window was open. and then for some reason mr asshole man took punk with him to the school at which point stupid brat girl who is his theoretical owner let him out of the car and he ran away. he hasn’t shown up at the pound yet so we think somebody has probably taken him in by the school. which is prob for the best since if we bring him back here something similar will no doubt happen.

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