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poets wanted

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next month is national poetry month. i’m attempting to get the punk kids at the high school to give me original poetry to put on display in the library. sadly they have very little to say in poetic adulation of their “guns” (side note: total in-joke, sorry). i’ve only gotten 2 poems so far and the deadline is this thursday.

so i’m opening the floor. wanna be put on display in a glass case? your poetic efforts laminated and put up next to some shakespeare, wordsworth, dickinson? now is the time! give me the poems! you can email or post them in the comments. they can be haikus, iambic pentameter, free verse, i’m talking open opps here, people. you can make up a high school persona to write as complete with nom de plume, you can use your real name, you can be anonymous. i promise to take pictures of the display and post them in april.

for inspiration and cheese reasons, i give you these photos of me in the library “working”:

michele in library.jpg


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  1. jason

    That’s a brilliant picture of you and the books.

    Here’s my poem:

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    Gun control isn’t quite as hard

    As trying to control YOU.

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