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Paws on Parade


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ARF had a fund-raising dog walk on Sunday which I participated in. I raised $350 (donated by friends and family) to give to ARF and in exchange I got a goody bag with t-shirt, disposable camera, lots of dog treats, a collapsible water bowl, light-up keychain shaped like a dog bone, a pedometer….and so many other things! It was awesome getting swag for philanthrophy. Obviously, also, it was awesome raising money for kitties and puppies and walking around an outdoor mall with my brother, his girlfriend, and their baby.

Some of the kittens being saved by the donations I raised:

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  1. michele

    i forgot to add, but if you click on either photo it’ll go to my flickr page and there are many more pictures of both the ARF walk and kittens i’m fostering/have fostered.

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