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gambling like a two penny whore


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big b lumberyard on the corner of contra costa and the trifecta of taco bell, wendy’s, and the fish store is turning into a casino!

what the fuck, pacheco? how the fuck do you have casinos in the middle of the suburbs? especially how will you support two ON THE SAME BLOCK? is the historic landmark one moving to this new location? it’s been there since 1854. why is my childhood relocating?

thank you for your time taken on my rant.

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  1. didofoot

    This is weird. Isn’t Pacheco only one block long anyway? Is Pacheco the new Vegas now? Remember, what happens in Pacheco stays in Pacheco…unless it is a parade, or a ten-car pileup, or something else that is more than one block long.

  2. michele

    ha ha ha! a pacheco parade. that would be a sight to see.

    i think pacheco is the trailer park on the east side of 680 and then a little bit of the west side of 680 (ie center to 2nd on contra costa).

  3. nuala

    When Garren and I moved here the recurring joke turned into where is Pacheco? No one seems to know. It seems to appear in the strangest places.

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