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Star Trek VI and saying good-bye


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Saying good-bye to Nuala and Garren was about what I expected. It didn’t really hit me until I was driving the streets of Benicia on my way home and the aftermath of them actually being gone is getting more depressing by the day. Although their super happy (and sleepy) faces in FaceBook photos makes it seem again like they’re just on holiday (which, admittedly, they are right now).


Enough of this maudlin crap; I bore myself.

On Nuala and Garren’s last night in town we watched the final original cast Star Trek movie–Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

To get an idea of my mind-set that day you should know I’d just gotten home from 4 days of drinking heavily on Lake Shasta and a 5 hour drive. So I was both exhausted and kind of punch-drunk. I get to her mom’s house and we bust out a bottle of champagne; looking suspiciously at the Netflix envelope, we read the plot in order to make up drinking game rules.

Michele: So…..”the dogs of war are unleashed.” See a dog, take a drink?

Nuala: It’s on.


Michele: Holy Shit!! That’s a dog!

Nuala: An actual dog!

Michele: Well sort of an actual dog (said nervously while looking at its ridiculously large fake teeth).

Nuala: Drink!

Garren used the “Nerd” rule pretty often. Unsurprisingly, all things considered: this is Nuala and I watching a Star Trek movie after all. We also made up a rule about them “discovering” anything based on the title. When we found out that the Undiscovered Country is actually a future of peace we were a little disappointed; but we busted into a second bottle of champagne anyway. I was making up little things they were discovering all along. I’m pretty sure Garren called Nerd on me for some of them–double drink. I also decided any time Kirk brought up the death of his beloved, known-for-about-a-day, illegitimate son we should drink. He stared longingly at a photo of David on his nightstand for many, many drinks.

It’s possible that Star Trek VI is actually my favorite movie of all the originals. I mean, the fourth whale one is excellent, but this one had a lot better cinematography and effects. Also plot. It did not have a cast member from 7th Heaven though so that was a definite drawback; on the other hand it had Kim Cattral and Captain Von Trapp.

I’m still sad that Nuala and Garren have left but I am delighted by how fabulous their last night in town was with the drinking, nerdery, and Star Trek.

2 Responses to Star Trek VI and saying good-bye

  1. nuala

    I’m going to miss our Star Trek nights. There needs to be a drinking game for the new Star Trek movie….man I really need to see that again.

    PS We miss you too

  2. michele

    ha! now that we’ve seen all the original cast ones, garren will be able to use his “Nerd” rule EVEN MORE. maybe we’ll have to try skype-ing it…

    miss you miss you miss you!

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