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Thoughts on my first day of writing a novel:

  • It was easier than I thought. Which probably does not bode well. I mean, if I did so great today than I’m probably just going to get over-confident and not write tomorrow and then I’ll fall behind and then I’ll never think I can catch up and then I’ll just give up and be a NaNo failure. Again.
  • I wrote a whole chapter! And then some!
  • Jenny emailed me with a pep talk! Well her pep talk basically only said, “WRITE.” And yes, it was all in capitals. Then she talked about how great “The Hunger Games” was and I could only nod in violent agreement with her.
  • I feel sort of disassociated from what I’m writing. It’s weird. I’ll go back to read something over or add a word or something and I’ll get sort of intrigued by the dialogue or whatever and forget that I wrote it. It’s whole pages of writing and I kind of feel as if it just appeared there with no mediation by me. Though my wrist and gimp elbow tells me a different story.

Current Word Count: 2,942

5 Responses to NaNo’ing

  1. nuala

    go you. I’m always amazed and you and Kristen and how you can just come up with things. Anything I every try to write is always me stealing from something I just read. And it makes my brain hurt.

  2. michele

    you know if you don’t count murder mystery games and group written film scripts, i haven’t actually written anything creatively since freshman year of college, i don’t think. i could be wrong about this.

    it makes my brain hurt too a little. =)

  3. michele

    last year didn’t i attempt to turn one of my murder mystery games into a book and then got bored after staring at basically what was a copy and pasted version of the game’s intro?

  4. didofoot

    uh…possibly. I don’t actually know. I remember we wrote at Peet’s in P Hill and you got bored before I did, which was smarter of you than of me since if I had had the sense to get bored sooner then I might not have 50 pages of lame story on my hands. (But I still might go back to it some day.)

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