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NaNo Complete (and naked sushi)

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On Monday, three weeks after I started writing my NaNo novel, I reached 50,000 words. I was with Christine at the time in downtown Pleasant Hill having just eaten Coppa Mista gelato which is DELICIOUS even if I did once refer to it as Camel Mist to Long-Hai and Jason to make them laugh and like me (it worked).

So: 50K! Undertaking complete. I feel kind of let down now and resistant to reading it over because I’m worried about how bad it will be.

A lot of people over the last 3 weeks have asked me why I’m doing this and what I will do with the novel when I’m done. My answers have been flighty and disjointed, I think. Really, I did it because I could and because it was something inexpensive to free (only had to buy things at coffee shops sometimes) and it gave me something to do this month so I could feel productive and less bored. Also it was competitive, and I am not above that. I especially like it when I win.

Now people have started to ask: What will you do next? and When can I read it? As to the first: maybe write something else. I have more plot ideas for mainstream fiction as well as my graphic YA fantasy novel which Long-Hai has promised to illustrate. Though…I feel it will be difficult to get him to work on it as he’s always busy with so many other projects. And I never really told him how long it will be.

When you can read it–sometime soon, I hope. I need it to sit for a while and then I need to read it all and revise some things. After that maybe I can start sending it out to people. It was a project just for myself and for fun, but I’m not averse to people reading it. I don’t expect to ever edit it again or try to publish it or anything like that. So as long as people read it just for enjoyment and not critically, I have no problem with sharing it (though I’ll have to see when I read it if it IS actually enjoyable.)

And speaking of enjoyable things. Gene sent me a link to pictures of naked girls covered in sushi (nyataimori) this morning. My hero. I share one of my favorites with you. Note the sushi in hands.



NaNo Tangent


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Brother calls as he is wont to do while driving around the country for his job. Today I attempt to get rid of him by saying I need to go back to writing my book.

You’re writing a book?


Like your memoirs?

Ha ha ha ha! What would that even be about?

Sat on the couch. Read a book. 2pm! Made cookies.

Ate most of the cookie dough before could turn into cookies.

2 cookies left.

Fish Styx was hungry! I fed him.

Not cookies. Cat food.

Had some cat food myself.

Have little to no shame left.


One Week In


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It’s the seventh day of NaNo. On the 7th day in the Bible, God rested. But not me! I NaNo’d.

It’s going pretty well so far. I’ve maintained my one chapter/approx 2,000 words a day plan. Frankly I’m kind of impressed with myself. Which, you know, is why I’m sacrilegiously comparing myself to God.

A lot of time this week was spent trying to convince Kris that we should pull an all-nighter write-in at a hotel. Nuala! Get us a hotel room with a view! We could order room service and write. And maybe take a bubble bath and sleep on a heavenly hotel bed. I do not know why I am so obsessed with hotel rooms lately. But I wish someone would oblige my desires.

Current Word Count: 16,043

P.S. Happy 30th Birthday, Jason! 7th day of the month: Jason and Josh were born. And then God rested.




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Thoughts on my first day of writing a novel:

  • It was easier than I thought. Which probably does not bode well. I mean, if I did so great today than I’m probably just going to get over-confident and not write tomorrow and then I’ll fall behind and then I’ll never think I can catch up and then I’ll just give up and be a NaNo failure. Again.
  • I wrote a whole chapter! And then some!
  • Jenny emailed me with a pep talk! Well her pep talk basically only said, “WRITE.” And yes, it was all in capitals. Then she talked about how great “The Hunger Games” was and I could only nod in violent agreement with her.
  • I feel sort of disassociated from what I’m writing. It’s weird. I’ll go back to read something over or add a word or something and I’ll get sort of intrigued by the dialogue or whatever and forget that I wrote it. It’s whole pages of writing and I kind of feel as if it just appeared there with no mediation by me. Though my wrist and gimp elbow tells me a different story.

Current Word Count: 2,942