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NaNo Tangent


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Brother calls as he is wont to do while driving around the country for his job. Today I attempt to get rid of him by saying I need to go back to writing my book.

You’re writing a book?


Like your memoirs?

Ha ha ha ha! What would that even be about?

Sat on the couch. Read a book. 2pm! Made cookies.

Ate most of the cookie dough before could turn into cookies.

2 cookies left.

Fish Styx was hungry! I fed him.

Not cookies. Cat food.

Had some cat food myself.

Have little to no shame left.

13 Responses to NaNo Tangent

  1. didofoot

    She is a crazed machine. For the record, we only have to have 21,658 words by today.

    Dude, I have always said you are an awesome writer and ought to be doing it. I am going to jump up and down with pride when you start publishing three novels a year like goddamn Richelle Meade. Pride in myself. For being right.

  2. michele

    one L! one L, people! though seriously, my mind is also a little blown.

    prepare for another boom! i just broke 30k! woot! 30,306 words now, friends. and i didn’t even have to describe another sex scene in detail to get there.

  3. michele

    snort. it’s only 2 paragraphs. i can’t maintain that many adjectives and euphemisms for 20,000 words. now at 32K. time to go to the month’s halfway party and write some more.

  4. michele

    35,594 after halfway party. i got a sticker for getting past the half-way mark (25K) which says “NaNoWriMo Noveling Machine!” So now I have proof on my laptop that i am indeed a cylon. Frak!

  5. michele

    also today, lest you think all i did was write: i filled out a lengthy job application, rewrote a cover letter, fiddled with my resume and convinced jolie to let me use her address so the HR dept would think i already lived in seattle. and i watched a 3.5 hour long bollywood movie and babysat evan for 45 minutes.

    most of the babysitting time was spent trying to teach evan how to waltz. my partner? a giant plush orange elephant. we had some fun times, oraphant and i. evan mostly just spun in circles and fell over. ha ha ha! it’s funny when they fall down.

    kisses and good night.

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