I sent a lot more postcards (including to Katherine and Kris which is not, strictly speaking, Post-Crossing business but whatever) and I’ve now received a lot of postcards. Actually 4 more today which I’m not even including in this set because they’re not even photographed yet and hoo boy I am tired of being on the computer already.

Ok. So cards sent went out to the Netherlands, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Minnesota, Germany, and Finland (plus the previously mentioned non-counting Portland area and through the tunnel ones.)

Cards came IN from Germany, Belarus, Finland, Wisconsin, and Wales.

Whoops, I just realized I forgot about 2 I received (one of which accidentally got thrown away before having a picture taken and one which I’ve just forgotten to take a picture of. Welp. Next time.

Some of my favorites:

To Belarus.

From Wales.

Everything about this card is awesome. From her writing about Welsh choirs (random and fascinating) to the tea party get ups of these ladies )including top hats!) to the awesome RSC stamp on the back.

I feel I should mention at this point in case you’re actually reading the hand-writing on all these cards that I lied about my name. Obviously it’s not Miss. But I didn’t want to put my whole real name on the website, I admit it. They’re already getting my address. This thing does make me slightly nervous still even amidst all the awesome. Though nothing for me has been as awesome as Katherine’s envelope of goodies from the Netherlands. Where are my bookmarks, I ask you.

I’m intrigued by this whole Belarus thing. Where is that? (I realize it’s by Russia) I like the name. It’s like Beluga and Walrus rolled into one. A Belurus. Well it’s close. And I can picture a gigantic walrus pretty easily.

I’ve also now opened myself up to requests for direct swaps and have included the USA as a place I am happy to send and receive (it’s an option to not do your own country). I realized US stamps are only 28 cents as opposed to 98. So it makes sense from a monetary stand point even if the stamps on received cards are less awesome. And it is still fascinating to hear about the lives of fellow Americans. And there’s less fear when I use colloquial language that they won’t understand.